Funny Dog video clip – 4th of July Rockets

You don't often hear the words, 'funny dog video' and, '4th of July rockets' in the same sentence; let us show you the connection.  The situation is it's party time, and group of people are celebrating the
4th of July in a big field.



1) Observe an
ordinary 4th of July rocket

4th July Rocket
(Cut to chase - see the video)

2) Is the dog afraid of the 4th of July rocket?

funny dog video clip

3) Note the way the dog grips the rocket between his teeth

Dog grips 4th July rocket in teeth

4) The dog acts as a mobile rocket launcher!

Funny dog video clip

5) The dog's owner has a narrow escape from a rocket blast

Dog with 4th July rocket

4th of July Rocket

Check out our funny dog video clip, and see the how the mutt terrified the car park with a 4th of July rocket.  N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video.

Free Download of Dog Video Clip (Right click, Save Target As)

Make that dachshund dance!

Dog Gun

 4th of July One-liner

How was the food at the Fourth of July picnic?
The hot dogs were bad
and the brats were wurst!

4th of July Jokes

What's red, white, blue, and almost as ugly as a dog?
A revolutionary warthog!

Why were the first Pennsylvania settlers like ants?
Because they lived in colonies.

Which ghost haunted King George III?
The spirit of '76!

What would you get if you crossed a colonial toupee with a tepee?
A powdered wigwam!

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