Football Humour – World Cup Mania

William Hodgson's England flag mania

William Hodgson had decked out his Sunderland house with flags as though England had already won the World Cup.

However, an anonymous resident complained to Sunderland Housing Group that the decorations
were making the street look untidy.

Although the Sunderland
House committee supported the England team, they still ordered Mr Hodgson to remove some of the flags in the interests of neighbourhood harmony.

Mr Hodgson said: 'I'd like to know who made the complaint, but they said they
obliged to tell me. '
I'd just like to ask them why.'

He added that it had taken three weeks to put up the flags, with the help of his son.

Sunderland Housing Group said in a statement: 'Sunderland Housing Group, like everyone in England, is firmly supporting the England team and is happy for its tenants to demonstrate their national fervour, by flying the flag on their homes.

'Sadly some
of our tenants have upset their neighbours by bedecking their entire homes in flags.

'They've asked us to have the flags removed. In the interests of neighbourhood harmony, We've asked the Hodgsons to tone
it down a bit, but we hope the flag continues to fly in Kingsway and that everyone enters the spirit of supporting our boys. '

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