Football Chants

I have often speculated on how football chants are born.  Do a bunch of fans
get together, have a few words, then make up the words?  Perhaps supporters find themselves in holiday resort like Benitses or Palma Nova and the karaoke breaks down, so the improvise with a few choice words of their own.

This is my favourite chant

Newcastle fans towards Sunderland fans. 'Going down, going down, going down. '

Sunderland fans reply..... 'So are we, so are we, so are
we. '


Collection of Football chants:

As time goes on, some are likely to become obsolete, nevertheless they capture the ephemeral and irreverent nature of football chants.

Manchester United chant to visiting Liverpool supporters:
chant to Lord of the Dance tune:

Man U Sing:

'Park, Park, Where ever you may be
You eat dogs in your home country
But it could be worse
You could be a scouse
Eating rats in
your council house'

West Brom Sing:

West Bromwich Albion fans sang:
the premier league is upside down
the premier league is upside down
re up the top Chelsea bottom
the premier league is upside down

then a few seconds later

Who ate all the Victorian pies?
Fatty Foulke - Who ate all the pies?

Who ate all the pies?The football chant 'Who ate all the pies?' dates back more than 100 years,
researchers have discovered. Sung to the tune of 'Knees Up Mother Brown', it was
directed at Sheffield United's 24 stone goalkeeper William 'Fatty' Foulke by his
own fans in 1894.

The history was revealed in new dictionary: 'The Penguin Book of Clichés'.
William Foulke also played professional cricket for Derbyshire and won a single
cap playing football for England in 1897 against Wales. He was reputed to be 6
feet 7 inches tall.  Fatty Foulke also won the Football League championship
[equivalent of the Premier League] and two FA cup winners medals.

Modern variation on 'Who ate all the pies'

Toon [Newcastle United FC] fans to JF Hasselbaink. He even laughed!: 'you're just a fat Eddie Murphy'

More Football chants:

here, he's
there we'
re not allowed to swear
Frank Leboeuf, Frank Leboeuf'

Chelsea fans after
Leboeuf said in a radio interview that he didn't
the idea of a swear word in his song.

In reference to Jaime Carragher's
[Liverpool] dad being banned
from football stadia after being arrested for being drunk at a football match...

banned from every ground,

To the tune of Rebel Rebel

Neville Neville, [Manchester United] you play in defence,
Neville Neville, your play is immense,
Neville Neville, like Jacko
you're bad, Neville Neville is the name of your dad.

blame it on the Biscan,
blame it on the Hamann,
blame it on the Finnan,
Blame it
on Traore,
He just can't
, He just can't
, He just can't
control his feet. He just
, He just can't
, He just can't
control his feet. [Liverpool 2004-2005 season]

'Two Andy Gorams, there's
only two Andy Gorams'

Celtic fans to Andy Goram after it revealed the goalkeeper was
diagnosed with schizophrenia.