Computer Animations and disaster horror stories

1) Computer Animations

Some day's just start badly.  Perhaps a gentle tap will help? Then things get worse when you call in the expert.  After that a real computer disaster strikes.

2) The Boss from HellComputer Disaster Horror Story

The boss bought a box of tapes and showed the timid assistant how to insert the first tape into the DAT drive.  On the Monday the backup worked perfectly.  However on Tuesday the operator could not remove the cassette.  So, being timid, but resourceful, they unscrewed the Tippex bottle and painted out Monday's date and over-wrote with Tuesday's date.  Guess what happened when the boss needed to restore last weeks data?  All that was on the tape was yesterday's incremental backup.  When he looked in the box 23 tapes were still in their cellophane rappers.  The restore did a perfect job on the incremental tape, but it was a management problem that was responsible for the lack of a normal backup tape.

3a) Computer Problems?

Computer error - Joke Ok or Cancel

3b) How does it know that?

Computer error - Joke Wife beater

4) The 'Rambo' operator

Do you find that when you have an audience and you tell a good yarn, someone comes back with another twist on your story?  Well, following the above case, someone told me a tale about the ' Rambo' operator. The Rambo operator is the complete opposite of the timid operator, so when the tape refused to eject, Rambo rolled up his sleeves and yanked out the tape, along with the tape drive unit, half the panel and the floppy drive.  Well, at least with a Rambo operator you soon know when you have a problem.

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