Olympics Special

Dear Will I have now finished this phase of preparing the Olympic pages.  I wanted to get them into a state where I could just slot any new material you find.  As for me, it has been thoroughly enjoyable reliving old memories and discovering fascinating facts. Specifically, I have created two new pages, which I split from the London Olympic Trivia because nobody searches for that phrase - yet!
  • Olympics: Interesting Facts {40}
  • Olympic Trivia {41}What Happened to the Antwerp 1920 Olympic Flag?

22nd April

  • Salt lake city Olympic bid scandal?

21st April

Bahrain has a wonderful Grand-Prix race track, but people only go there once a year.  I don't want our Olympic pages to be like that, indeed, I sense that there is a wealth of trivia and interesting facts about each Olympiad.  Just like journalists unearth tear-jerking info about any Grand National winner, so we can assemble gems about competitors at each and every Olympics.  Then we distill / link the best items to our trivia page(s). As for SEOing, my best guess is that Olympic Trivia (as opposed to London Olympic Trivia) is our best bet, followed by Olympic Interesting Facts - a phrase with little competition. Ideas for interesting topics, or even themes:
  • Olympic Marathons - If you see anything more, do let me know.  Not ready for general publication yet.
  • Scandals, Controversies and Disqualifications.

20th April

Dear Will I spent a whole morning researching my lists of Champions.  It was a labour of love. The page is not finished, it always takes me 3 /4 goes to get it right. Moreover, as you can see some lists are one or two short of the 10..., thus please feel free to add your suggestions, especially where I have missed someone obvious. I also wanted to memorialise how stilted, boring and matter-of-fact those original pages are.  The other side of that coin is that they are a good base to add other relevant and only-vaguely-relevant material. Guy Memo to self.  Game within a game is to SEO those 27 pages for other phrases.

19th April Update and Ideas

  • Enliven the 27 pages with trivia, cartoons and articles from the era. London 1948 and 1908 would be good places to start as they link naturally to 2012.
  • Concept that the pages may be intrinsically interesting aside from 2012.
  • Target zany Olympic offshoots. Funny Olympic flames?
  • Olympic Scandals are popular.
  • Could I ask you to write (crib) a short review of the Athens Olympics?

These are phrases that my keyword 'man' generates.  So far there is little competition. Olympics Jokes Olympic Jokes When is the Olympics opening ceremony When has London hosted the Olympics When are the next Olympics Could we add to these topics?  Enough to make another page, or two!
  • Olympics Location - I already have your pictures.
  • Olympic facts  - Already have 10 trivia.
  • Olympic Logo - Already have 2.

Guy and Google Research

Google has an alert feature where you can subscribe to phrases and get stories.  I have been using this research tool for Windows 7 and PowerShell, but we can use it for anything. Points Arising
  • I don't want to muscle into your research.
  • 80% of the results is dross, only 5% is any good.
  • Occasionally my site features among the results!  Which is a) Thrilling  b) Shows how others may reach us c) Reminds me of how others get articles for their sites.
  • I wonder if it would be of any interest to you?  You probably need to sign-up for a Google account to get it to work.
  • http://www.google.com/support/alerts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=71057

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