Funny Chinese Signs

The Kanji character writing system was invented in China.
When translated into English it has endless opportunity to produce
amusing phrases and thus create funny Chinese signs.


Carefully Slip and Fall Down

Chinglish - Carefully Slip and Fall Down

Drive-In Chinese!

Auto Rock - Funny Chinese Sign

Interesting phrase ‘Won Ton’, perhaps it describes the destruction shown
in this funny Chinese photo.

Auto Rock – A Bit Late For Above Car.

Auto Rock - Funny Chinese Sign

No Dying?Bottled water in Plastic

Engrish - Keep table cleaned after dying

Chinglish has distinct forms, here we have a Malapropism, ‘drying –> ‘dying’.
On close inspection I saw a second funny phrase in the above notice.
Not only is there ‘Keep table cleaned after dying’, but also there is: ‘Thanks
for your corporation’.

On their menu was: ‘Hot Bowel of Soup’.
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A Room with a View?Chinese Toilet Humour

Here are a few funny pictures of Chinese toilets in unusual locations.

Cultural Signs

It seems to me that all cultures have variations of this Chinese Great wall sign.

To digress slightly, do you find that when you are in a pub listening to jokes, how one joke reminds you of another?
Well here is an example.

In English the loos are labelled ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gents’, but in my homeland, Wales, the word for ‘Ladies’ is Merched.  Well a group of visiting
Chinese tourists were heard to
All day we see everywhere sign posts to this place Merched, but we no find it.  Is it nice place? Could you direct us please?’

A Problem Toilet Sign

Chinese Gentlemen - Toilet humour

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toilet signs.

Are You a Stolen Person?Funny Chinese Signs

Chinglish - Stolen Person

Please send us funny Chinese signs.

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