Yom Kippur 2011 October 8th (7th Sundown) – Day of Attonement

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is Jewish religious festival that starts at sunset on the evening of the 10th day of their civil new year (Tishrei 10).

Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement

Ten days after the start of Rosh Hashanah comes Yom Kippur.  Jews all over the world do not eat or drink for 24 hours.  Yom Kippur is a day for thoughts and prayers generally at the synagogue.  All adults are required to fast.  Boys and girls before their Bar or Bat Mitzvahs are not required to fast.  People that are too ill to fast are also not required to fast. After the Yom Kippur services the fast is broken by having breakfast.  Now the real party begins with the breaking of the fast.  It is tradition to celebrate this with a hearty spread of food that may include, for example, challah, [a bread] pickled and smoked fishes and bagels with cream cheese. Yom Kippur Food Round challots [bread] are made with honey and raisins. These are another symbol of a sweet and happy year. We put decorations on the Challot, such as birds which symbolise doves of peace. A shofar is a horn, traditionally that of a ram, which is used for Jewish religious purposes.  Shofar blowing is incorporated in synagogue services at Yom Kippur.

Origin of Yom Kippur

On the 10th of Tishrei, "God restored His goodwill with the Jewish people gladly and wholeheartedly, saying to Moses 'I have forgiven, as you ask', and gave him the Second Tablets".  This was forgiveness for people of Israel betraying their new covenant with God by worshipping a Golden Calf. Thus Yom Kippur was established that as a day of atonement or forgiveness. See more about Rosh Hashanah which is 10 days befor Rosh Hashanah and establishes the start of the civil Jewish year.

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, Falls on the Hebrew Calendar Date of 10 Tishrei

Here are the coinciding secular dates 2010: September 18th - 19th 2011: October 8th - 9th 2012: September 26th - 27th 2013: September 14th - 15th 2014: October 4th - 5th 2015: September 23nd - 24th NB. The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand, Will and Guy have learned. Thus all holiday observances begin at sundown on the secular dates listed, with the following day being the first full day of the holiday. Jewish calendar dates conclude at nightfall.

Clean and Funny Jokes for Yom Kippur

1) When to Call For a Priest Joshua is on his death bed late one night with the wind howling and the rain beating down fiercely. His wife Rachel comes in and asks if she can do anything for him. Joshua replies, 'There is one thing. Call a priest.' 'Darling, Josh, you're delirious. You mean a Rabbi?' 'No I mean a priest. Why send the Rabbi out so late on such a night?' 2) A Priest and a Rabbi A priest and a rabbi are discussing the pros and cons of their various religions, and inevitably the discussion turns to repentance. Rabbi Shimon Ben Gamliel explains Yom Kippur, the solemn Day of Atonement, a day of fasting and penitence, while the Father John tells him all about Lent, and its 40 days of self-denial and absolution from sins. After the discussion ends, the rabbi goes home to tell his wife, Deborah, about the conversation, and they discuss the merits of Lent versus Yom Kippur. Deborah turns her head and laughs. The rabbi says, 'What's so funny, dear?' Deborah's response, '40 days of Lent - one day of Yom Kippur...so, even when it comes to sin, the goyyim* pay retail.....' *Goyyim is a term for a gentile or non-Jew. 3) Save Me Lord David Greenbaum is a devoutly religious man who believes in the power of prayer.  His house is caught in the rising waters of a devastating flood. A row boat comes by to rescue him; he refuses it because he waits for his God to save him. As the waters rise Greenbaum climbs higher and higher up his house, refusing each successive boat that comes by. Finally he drowns and goes to heaven. He complains bitterly to the Lord that he was such a good Jew and yet the Lord had forsaken him 'How can you say that, David?' the Lord retorts. 'I sent four boats for you.' 4) The Synagogue Rick wanted to get into the synagogue In Gants Hill, London on Yom Kippur, but without a ticket they don't let you in. Rick pleads, 'Look, I just want to give a message to Morris in there.' The man at the door says, 'Sorry sir, you've got to have a ticket.' Rick replies, 'Just let me in for one minute, then I'll be right out.' 'Alright,' says the man at the door, 'but I better not catch you praying.' 5) The Rabbi Has a Heart Attack The President of the congregation went to visit Rabbi Ben Azzai, who is in the Tel Aviv hospital having just suffered a mild heart-attack. He says, 'Rabbi, the board just voted 12 to 8 to wish you a speedy recovery.' See more clean but funny Yom Kippur jokes Footnote Will and Guy are keen to learn more about Yom Kippur, so please send us your stories, and corrections to our information.

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