World Cup football stories. 1966 England Reminiscences

England 4 : 2 Germany In 1966, Will missed the World Cup final to attend a wedding. What a sacrifice since the wedding was between two people Will didn't know: the father of the friend of Will's girlfriend was getting married for the 2nd time. He remembers arguing outside the church in Wymering, Portsmouth and receiving a kick on the leg for his troubles. Watching the re-run on the Sunday was no compensation despite England's victory. Dave Foley was in the Royal Navy in 1966 and was onboard a British warship at anchor off Gibraltar when the 1966 World Cup took place. They watched the match in their mess on a small black and white TV set. A major problem was poor reception so one sailor at a time had to hang with his arm through the port hole to hold a makeshift aerial. As Germany equalised, in the final minutes of proper time, Dave dropped the aerial into the sea thus plunging the TV into a snow storm. It took several minutes before they could rig up an alternative aerial and watch the extra time.
Did you know that Bobby Moore's middle name was Chelsea - strange or what? A variety of good, clean and free football (soccer) jokes.  Funny sportsman's nicknames.  Amusing short stories.  Anecdotes and tales about football.  Will and Guy hope that you share our joy of sporting funnies.

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