PowerPoint Presentation of evocative autumn photography

Will and Guy have made an collection of evocative Autumn Photography. Autumn Mellow A stroll down a leafy lane in autumn Autumn pond in a wood Nature is at it's most colourful in the autumn Fabulous picture of a lake in a wood. Late autumn image Autumns sunset by sea You almost need to break out the sunglasses because the sun's reflection is so strong. End of Autumn - Snow In contrast to the above, this almost a black and white picture.  End of autumn - start of a bleak mid-winter.

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Here is a free PowerPoint presentation of the Autumn Photos Autumn Photos  (Right click Save Target As)

Contents of Autumn Photography

  1. Season of mellow fruitfulness
  2. Colours of the season
  3. The trees at Sheffield Park, East Sussex Photo: John Jordan
  4. Fall at its most stunning
  5. Dusk falling
  6. Another sunset
  7. Over the Sea
  8. Sunset over Sea
  9. Sunset in Sri Lanka
  10. Rainbow at Dusk
  11. Flamingo Heart
  12. A beautiful photo:Clouds Photographer: Matthew Looker, Southampton, England.  From BBC online 'Weather'.
  13. Eventide Photo taken by Li Sun [Rather an apt name, we thought]
  14. Butterfly and Bee
  15. Spring is here
  16. Early morning fog in Maidstone, Kent Photo: Karen Banks
  17. Rose
  18. Forest snow scene Parc Penglais Nature Reserve, Wales
  19. Lovely snow scene
  20. Bluebells
  21. We are sailing amongst Icebergs

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Beautiful Autumn Pictures

This stunningly beautiful scene was created by the wife of the founder/owner of Portland Cement. Will and Guy have heard that apparently she felt neglected and took over one of his old quarry sites as a project and this was the amazing result.

Autumn at Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Autumn Woodland Burchard Gardens

Fall, Waterfall! at Butchart Gardens

Burchard Gardens Water Feature   Footnote: Please send us your examples of autumn photography

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