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Volkswagen Storage

If you ever see cars in skyscrapers now you know how they do that.
They use a special lift

VW Volkswagen car storage. How do they put cars on the first floor of buildings?

Truck Art - Aquarium

Will and Guy's amusing pictures - Truck Art

We dedicate this page to a real international trucker -
Charles Moss of Aberystwyth Removals and Storage

What Drugs are These Weirdoes

Muppets tour de France

Funny picture of the alternative Tour de France.

Soak your Class Mates

What I keep wondering
if this
picture is for real?  Must it be a fake photograph?  What do you think?

Funny picture of splashing class mates

In any event, I think it's
funny and I would love to have planned this escapade.  It would have been a lot of fun to have poured water over the swats and posers in my class.

This picture also makes me think that this is the sort of practical joke Brett Favre would play on his team mates at the official Green Bay Packer's
photo shoot.

Could it be that the above funny picture inspired the advert below?

Last One Out of the Bath is a Sissy

Last one out of the bath is a sissy

I have seen some dares in my time, but never anything like this.  Has
to be a picture of two wacky Aussies.

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