White Peacock Pictures

Just as you get white individuals in herd of cattle, so you get white varieties of
peacock.  The 'normal' peacock is the blue peacock, and the white is a
variety rather than an albino mutant.



Picture of a White Peacock

Interesting Facts about the White Peacock

Peacock Eye

Peacock Eye

Here above, is a peacock's eye, photographed on a normal blue peacock.

Each eye is luminous and about 2 inches in diameter.  Peacock eyes were
prized by the Victorians, but they are still much in demand today for

Interesting Facts About the White Peacock

  • Some people believe that to see a white peacock will bring eternal happiness.
  • Several Asian countries have the peacock as their national bird, notably India.
    In the case of Burma it's a different species, the grey peacock-pheasant.
  • White Peacock is one of those magic names, which is also associated with
  • Peacocks get most of their colour from light reflection rather
    than a dye.  The feathers have barbs, which in turn have rods.  It
    is these rods that controls how light reflects and produces the green,
    golden yellow, brown and bright blue.  White peacocks have a slightly
    different arrangement of the rods thus don't develop the usual colours.

Peacock Wedding Dress

Peacock Wedding Dress

Stunning picture of a Chinese bride in your peacock feathered wedding

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