Unusual Vehicles

Unusual vehicles

Here is our collection of strange military vehicles, weird wooden cars, clever machines and sundry other strange cars and bikes.

Bizarre Machines

  • Fantastic Machine (Fantastic Device, But not a Vehicle)
  • Running Machine - One of our funniest videos
  • Funny Cars - Pictures and Videos

Smoking Bus

Funny Anti-Smoking Cartoon

Curious Tractor - 3 Wheels on My Wagon

Funny tractor pictures

Unusual Military Vehicles

Funny Pictures of Defence Cuts Defence cuts bite.

Extraordinary Giant Bike

Strange Giant Motorbike

More Unusual Vehicles

Some of these cars are roadworthy, others are just wacky and completely unsuitable for the open road.

A Remarkable Wooden Cadillac

Wooden Cadillac A true labour of love.

Stretch Limo - Stretched

Fancy pushing this limo? Guy and Will's funny pictures

Truck Art

Truck Art Footnote: Please send us your pictures of unusual vehicles.

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