Typhoon Eurofighter

How Much Closer Do You Want Me?


Camera Crew Prepare Shot

Here we see the camera crew in the back of a Hercules C-130 transport plane. C130 Photo opportunity

'Typhoon' Approaches

A Typhoon F2 Eurofighter comes into view.  The camera crew are looking out from the rear tail-gate of the Hercules C-130. C130 Approach The Eurofigher Typhoon is one of the most modern fighter planes in the world. It is made of carbon fibre composites, glass-reinforced plastic, aluminium lithium, titanium and aluminium casting.  The delta configuration is intentionally aerodynamically unstable which provides a high level of agility, low drag and enhanced lift.  In the cockpit is a computerised digital fly-by-wire system which provides artificial stabilisation and gust elevation to give good control characteristics in all conditions.

Typhoon Come Into View - You Can Make Out The Pilot

Typhoon approaches C-130

Typhoon Pilot to C-130 Crew - 'Is this close enough?'

Eurofighter approaches C-130 You can just about make out the camera man's leg to the left and the pilot's face to the top.

Specifications of the Typhoon F2

Engines: 2 Eurojet EJ200 turbojets Thrust: 20,000lbs Max speed: 2Mach Max altitude: 65,000ft, Length: 15.96m Span: 11.09m Armament: AMRAAM, ASRAAM, Brimstone, Storm Shadow, Enhanced Paveway, Paveway IV

Typhoon Recognition

The Typhoon Eurofighter is recognisable from any angle. In particular, the engine intake is mounted on the bottom of the fuselage (1). Also note that the Typhoon has canards (foreplanes) mounted before the main wing (2). Unusually, the delta (triangular) mainplane (3) is very deep at the point it joins the main fuselage.  The tail is tall and sharply swept, with the twin engine jet pipes directly below.

Typhoon Demo

Rumour has it that the Typhoon Eurofighter's pilot was grounded after this near miss, or close 'Pancake' landing.

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