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Funny toilet signs

Spanish Sign For Toilet - El Excusado.


No Thought For The Disabled

These funny pictures of toilets signs make an important point, builders and
designers need to thing about those less nimble than themselves.

How to find the disabled WC (Water Closet)

How to find the disabled WC:

Once you arrive at the disabled toilet,
access is not so easy.

Disabled Toilet - Problem

When my eyes first skimmed the picture above, I thought hmm... so
what?  Then I checked the possible, or should I say impossible access to the disabled toilet, and
then the penny dropped!

Do You Think This
Toilet Hoarding is Even Worse?Ladies - Slippery when wet

Disabled Toilet - Problem Tree tops

Toilet HumourToilettes

Many cultures regard toilet humour as taboo.  Will and Guy think that
laughing at toilet humour is an act of rebellion to such repressed thinking.
We were surprised to learn that toilet humour is so popular.

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Toilets for the Desperate

Toilet for the desperate
Toilet for the desperate

Spotted in a toilet in a London office block:

Toilet discipline for men

I guess that any of the above loos would be better than this one below:

And It Cuts Both Ways -->  No Vehicles in the Toilets!No Vehicles in the Toilets

Toilet - Stay in your car

Toilet for the VoyeurNo Vehicles in the Toilets                                        And Once Again -->

Toilet for the voyeur

Sign of the Times

Toilet for Ambulant Unisex

An "ambulant urinal" sprung up outside a disabled lavatory in Winchcombe,
Gloucestershire, England, which shows a man holding two sticks.
Tewkesbury council said they had asked for the wording to be changed.

More Peculiar Toilet Signs

Problems With Gender Alignment in Toilets

Gender Alignment in the Toilets

Alternatives - What Should The Above Funny Toilet Placard Say?

Parents with non same gender children.

Better still, why not be explicit:
Mothers with sons, or fathers with
daughters, see the duty manager.

More About Toilets and Gender

His Hers Toilets

Igloo with Ig Loo!

One really good bowel movement

True Story

A true Doctor's Story: One day Dr Cullen had to be the bearer of bad news
when he told a wife that her husband had died of a massive myocardial

Not more than five minutes later, Dr Cullen heard her reporting to the
rest of the family that he had died of a "massive internal fart."

Snappy Urinals

Aligator Urinals

Are the above crocodiles, or alligators?  No we think they are dragons.  The picture was taken from the vast convenience, in the city of Chongquing in south-west China.  It is located in the
tourist district and authorities are now trying to get it listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest public toilet in the world. Local official Lu Xiaoqing boasted, 'We are spreading toilet culture.
People can listen to gentle music and watch TV.'

After the snappy crocodile, we have
the cat flush!

More Toilet Humour Pictures

Toilet Training For
Men - With a Difference

Toilet discipline for men

Kid's With Gas Eat Free!Anal Place

Kids with gas eat free

Could this be a new attempt at perpetual motion?

Anal Place in Chichester, England.
Could it be 'Banal Place?  or
'Canal Place'?
See more funny place names.

Please send us your funny toilet signs.

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