Animals constantly fascinate us.  Perhaps we are all guilty of projecting our
feelings on to our pets.  Some say we get to resemble our cats or dogs.  Or is it the other way around?


Can the Mouse Beat the Mousetrap?

Funny picture of mouse trap

See what happened next.

 Cat in Glass

Could this be a variation of the old monkey trap?  If you remember, the monkey put his hand in container to to get
nuts, but then cannot get his hand out and so the monkey is trapped by his hand – or his greed.

In my imagination, this cat has drunk the milk and now is stuck in glass.

Smart Bird – Zany Thought Provoking Picture

Funny Picture of trapped cat

Guy missed the budgie on top of the cage.


Funny Picture of trapped cat

Fantastic job by the canary in catching a cat.  Talk about role reversal.
Or should it
be every budgie has his day?

Plan A: What Happened To the Mouse –
(Note: You may have to
wait 10 seconds for the action to start)

Funny picture of mouse trap

Plan B – Mouse on Mission Impossible

Mouse on Mission Impossible

One way to beat a mousetrap.  Note the mouse hole in skirting board.

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