Nobody likes to think about the possibility of getting in a car accident,
but it does happen to millions of people every year. While some accidents
are minor fender benders that you may not even call the police or EMS for,
other accidents can be downright dangerous, resulting in costly damages or,
worse, the loss of human life.

Car Damage, Injuries and Death

The worst way to crash your car is in a way that takes the life of
another person. Such an event can affect you for the rest of your life,
plaguing you with guilt even if the accident was unintentional and
unavoidable. The loss of human life cannot be minimized, but even accidents
that do not result in such significant loss still result in costly damages
to vehicles and property as well as injuries. While the US Department of
Transportation reported that over 33,000 people died in collisions in 2009,
over 2.2 million people were injured. In addition to being required to pay
for repair costs to your own vehicle as well as other vehicles involved in
the accident, you may also be required to pay their medical bills. The
cost of a
single accident can quickly in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars
in damages.

No Coverage

Approximately 13 percent of U.S. drivers are uninsured, and many others
are under-insured. Any expenses related to a car accident that you cause
ultimately fall onto your shoulders. And even if you don’t cause an
accident, you may be hit by an uninsured motorist who cannot pay your
expenses. Car insurance will pay for accident-related costs covered by the
policy you purchased, if you have insurance. However, after coverage has
been used, you will be required to pay the rest of the coverage
out-of-pocket. Many drivers have been sued for damages, and this can result
in the loss of your assets, including even your house. It can wipe you out

Upside Down

If that is not enough, if you are like many drivers, you are “upside
down” on your car loan today. This may happen when your car value
depreciates more rapidly than your car loan is paid down. If you do not have
gap insurance and your car is totaled, you will owe money on a car that you
no longer can drive. Not only could you be wiped out financially, but you
may still be required to pay on a car loan without a car to drive. This can
affect your ability to get to work in a convenient and affordable way.

Legal Issues

Most states require drivers to buy a specified amount of car insurance.
Despite this requirement, millions are uninsured and may face legal issues
if they are caught driving without insurance. Having a car accident is a
surefire way to let authorities know you are driving without insurance. Each
state has its own car insurance requirements as well as penalties for not
meeting those requirements. The penalties may include fines, suspension of
your vehicle registration, suspension or loss of your driver’s license and
being sentenced to imprisonment for several months or even years.

So what is the worst way to crash your car? The loss of human life is a
real possibility with a car accident, but even those accidents that don’t
involve loss of life can result in costly damages, medical bills and more.
The most costly and life-altering way to crash your car is to have an
accident when you are uninsured or under-insured. Even if you think you
can’t afford car insurance, consider getting a quote for affordable coverage
from a site like You really can’t afford not to have insurance,
and a crash can happen when you least expect it and change your life for
decades to come.

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