Stupid Video Clip – How to tow a boat

People in boats are for ever getting into difficulty.   I strongly advise you to acquaint yourself of the latest techniques, so if your boat gets into difficulties, then you will know what to do - and what
not to do. (Free Video Download.)


Stage 1 - Boat breaks down

stupid video clip - how to tow a boat

Stage 2 - Call for help

How to tow a boat

Stage 3 - Hitch a rope

Tow Boat 3 - Hitch rope

Stage 4 - Take the Strain

stupid video clip

Stage 5 - Woops!  Stupid idea.

Who is pulling who? (Free Video Download)

stupid video clip - how to tow a boat

Check out the full story in our 'How to Tow a Boat' stupid video clip.

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Boat Names
What is the most name for a boat?

Answer: Obsession

ee Video Download of How to Tow a Boat Video (Right Click, Save Target As)

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