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Gwynneth Lester
Hides Garden Gnomes

Gwynneth Lester of Portchester in Hampshire has refused to pay her council tax.   The Fareham borough council responded by sending in the bailiffs.  So far things are on a knife edge.
The officers have taken an inventory including Gwynneth's
prize collection of gnomes. Gwynneth Lester refuses to pay council tax. Bailiffs claim gnomes

Lester, 57, refuses to pay the tax which finances local services because, she says, she gets nothing for it.

Her rebellion has landed her in court with a demand to pay £678 ($1000).  If she cannot pay in cash the bailiffs will take property and sell it to raise the money owed.  As a last resort Gwynneth
Lester could face prison.

'Well, they won't
be taking the garden gnomes now because I have given them away, 'Gwynneth said.'
In fact they won't
be getting anything that I have collected over the years
because I have given it all away to keep it from them.'

Another of Will and Guy's Strange ut
True Stories

The place NOT to be seen in?The place not to be seen in

A new restaurant where diners eat in pitch black darkness has opened in London. Customers at 'Dans Le Noir' have no idea what they are eating, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The idea, based on a
successful restaurant in Paris, is that not being able to see what you're eating heightens the senses and liberates the taste buds. All needs are catered for by partly-sighted or blind waiters, who serve the
food and wine, guide you to your table and to the lavatory. Anything that might shatter the blackness, such as a mobile ' phone display or a burning cigarette, is forbidden.

'It is a sensual feast,
'said Edouard De Broglie, the 43-year-old French entrepreneur behind the £800,000 venture in Clerkenwell, 'Your other senses are awakened by the dark. Your nose, fingers, ears make you face the reality of the
taste of the food.  You are sitting by people you don't know. You don't judge them by your first sight. You talk to them more in the dark, then you find out what they look like later.'

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