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Simon Barnes Law

Barnes's Law of Senescence states that a great champion cannot be loved
until the peak of ability is long past. One example is the great Steve Davis
at the 2010 World Snooker Championship in Sheffield.


Rod Laver = The Rocket (His ace serve)

Roscoe Tanner = The Cannonball (His ace serve, too)


Earvin Johnson = '
. (Few athletes are truly unique,
changing the way their sport is played with their singular skills. Earvin '
Johnson was one of them)

Larry Joe Bird = Larry Legend. (Once every generation or so, a player comes along who can truly be called a superstar)

Oscar Robertson = the 'Big O', (He is recognized as one of the game's
most versatile
players of all-time)

American Football:

William Perry =
The refrigerator (bulk and fridge emptying appetite)


Paavo Nurmi = Flying Finn.

Blankers-Koen = The Flying Dutchwoman.

'Bullet' Bob Hayes  Olympic 100m and NFL Dallas Cowboys.

Miruts Yifter = Yifter the Shifter.  I once saw Miruts Yifter out kick Steve Ovett in a 5,000 metres race.  I poignant moment that confirmed Yifter's
greatness, and confined Ovett to the shorter

Olympic Games:

Eric the Eel = Eric Moussambani (Olympic swimmer Sydney 2000)

Eddie the Eagle = Eddie Edwards

Dis-onischenko = Boris Onishchenko disgraced fencer.


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