Silly Signs and Amusing but Daft Notices

Bad Sign

As you drive around your town, or travel to work on the train, look out for amusing notices in your area, meanwhile enjoy our silly sign pictures.

Emergency - Very Silly Sign

Silly Signs In case of emergency in this building please call 301-241-4050 and leave a message!

Deliveries at the Rear of Building?

Midwifery - Deliveries in the rear School of Nursing and Midwifery - Deliveries at the rear of the building. What can you picture?  Babies, or vans?  Which ever way you look at it, this is a silly sign.Silly Warning Notice

Mirror Image  =  Mirage?

Warning: Mirror


Shoplifters will be dealt with in a medieval fashion Hung drawn and quartered we hope! These funny signs make us think: who put them there, are the pictures faked.  Is the resulting picture funny, offensive, or just plain stupid.

Silly Warning Signs

When it comes to safety you would think that sign designers would take more care.  Wrong.

Silliest Sign

Warning: Jumping into toxic waste does not give you super powers. Warning: Jumping into toxic waste does not give you super powers.  Often it's the absurdity of these notices that makes them so humorous

Flashlight Required After Dark!Nude Sunbather's Waffles

Flashlight required after dark Danger - Hazardous fumes (fair enough) But flashlight required after dark, that's too much.

Daft Notice in ElevatorPlan Ahead

Push button for automatic doors Customers should use push buttons (fair enough) To open AUTOMATIC doors? (Silly Billy)

Who's for a Game of Golf?

Drink and Drive Golf Range A classic amusing notice.  Drink and drive golf range.  Even the hoarding looks drunk!

Drink - Don't Drive

Drink and Drive We've been wondering who creates these joke signs.

How to Deal With 'Customer Complaints' How To Deal With Customer Complaints

How To Deal With Customer Complaints Customer Service A daft notice if ever I saw one ... but it gets worse ...

Crisis Counseling - Temporarily Out of Service

Crisis councelling

Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) Teal Typo Eradication Advancement League

Funny Misspelt Signs Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson, have launched a campaign to correct spelling and grammar mistakes on American signs.  Depending on your point of view, the best, or worst example is on the Watchtower at the Grand Canyon, it promises: 'emense westward view of the Grand Canyon'. Officials instead of being embarrassed, put the wonderful spin on the mistake by claiming 'a unique historical object of irreplaceable value'. At first we thought they were talking about the Grand Canyon, but no they were defending the spelling of 'emense'. Amazingly to our way of thinking, the pair were charged with vandalism for trying to rectify the spelling error on the Desert View Watchtower at the Grand Canyon.  At worst they should have had a caution, but we are staggered to discover they were fined $3,035 and banned from national parks for a year. "We're not going after people in a self-righteous manner, like fashion police. Or trying to make them look stupid," Deck said. "Instead, we're addressing specific errors like confusing 'its' for 'it's' or 'you're" for 'your.' Finding and correcting these, even every once in a while, is incredibly satisfying." To date Jeff and Benjamin have identified 231 signs with spelling or punctuation mistakes.  Examples include, birthday candell's. However, the old chestnuts of confusion between their, there and they're feature strongly.

More Examples of Silly Signs

Will and Guy feel sure that Jeff and Benjamin would have something to say about these particular banners: Make English America's offical Language. Let us hope that the gentleman in the middle is better at calculating math than he is at spelling 'arithmetic '. English Problem - Offical Funny pictures and pointless signs give us a laugh, but we ponder how much they cost in time for replacements. Read Gooder Footnote: Please send us your pictures of silly signs.

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