Republic Day India 26th January

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India became independent from the British Rule on 15th August, 1947. However, the country did not realise its own constitution until 26th January 1950.

Republic Day India 26th JanuaryRepublic Day India

Republic Day is one of the three national holidays of India and the greatest festival celebrated in the country.  It is celebrated every year on 26th January, in New Delhi with great pomp, fanfare and pageant. While in the capitals of the States and other headquarters, it is marked with patriotic fervour.

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Republic Day India 26th January

Rajpath ParadeRepublic Day India 26th January

The most spectacular celebrations are marked by the Republic Day Parade that takes place in the capital of New Delhi at Rajpath. It includes march past of the three armed forces, massive parades, folk dances by tribal folk from different states in picturesque costumes marking the cultural unity of India. Furthermore, the streak of jet planes of Indian Air Force, leaving a trial of coloured smoke, marks the end of the festival.

Activities for India Day 26th January

To mark the importance of this occasion, every year a grand parade is held in the capital, New Delhi, from the Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's Palace), along the Rajpath, past India Gate and on to the historic Red Fort. The different regiments of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force march past in all their finery and official decorations. The President of India who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, takes the salute. Floats exhibiting the cultures of the various states and regions of India are in the grand parade, which is broadcast nationwide on television and radio. Also part of the parade are children who win the National Bravery Award for the year. The parade also includes other vibrant displays and floats and traditionally ends with a fly-past by Indian Air Force jets. Indian Border Security Force Guard's Camel Contingent passes through the Rajpath

Will and Guy's Favourite Top Ten Trivia About India

  1. The official Sanskrit name for India is Bharat.
  2. The name "India" is derived from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. The Aryan worshippers referred to the river Indus as the Sindhu.
  3. Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus are studies that originated in India.
  4. The first six Mogul Emperor's of India ruled in an unbroken succession from father to son for two hundred years, from 1526 to 1707.
  5. India is the largest democracy in the world, the 6th largest country in the world and one of the most ancient and living civilizations (at least 10, 000 years old).
  6. The world's highest cricket ground is in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. Built in 1893 after levelling a hilltop, this cricket pitch is 2444 meters above sea level.
  7. India has the most post offices in the world.
  8. Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to mankind. The father of medicine, Charaka, consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago.
  9. The value of "pi" was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician Budhayana, and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this in the 6th century, which was long before the European mathematicians.
  10. Sushruta is regarded as the father of surgery. Over 2600 years ago Sushrata and his team conducted complicated surgeries like cataract, artificial limbs, caesareans, fractures, urinary stones and also plastic surgery and brain surgeries.

Diwali - Another Indian Festival

Diwali Stories Diwali, also called Deepavali or Dipavali, the Hindu festival of lights, is the most popular and special of all Hindu festivals. It is also an occasion for celebration by *Jains and *Sikhs. See more Indian festivals.

As Ever, Will and Guy Cannot Resist A Little Indian Humour

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