Rory a Miniature Shetland Pony and Millie a Labrador dog

Rory is a Shetland miniture pony and Millie is a Labrador dog

Rory and Millie


Millie and Rory share a bowl of milk

Rory and Millie

Here is Rory playing with Millie; he has picked up many canine traits
because he copies the dogs

Dog and Donkey Playing

Rory head in bucket

Dog and Donkey Playing

PowerPoint Presentation featuring Rory a Shetland pony and Millie a
Labrador dog

Miniature Shetland Pony
- Rory and Millie (Right click
Save Target As)

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Will and Guy

The Tale of Rory
the Miniature Shetland Pong and Millie the Dog.

In the above PowerPoint Presentation, Rory is the Shetland pony and Millie is the dog.
Rory is 8 weeks old and he lives at the Essex Horse and Pony Sanctuary in the UK
after being rejected by his own mother

Rory has befriended two Labradors called Millie and Alfie, who live at the
sanctuary.  While playing with Millie, Rory has picked up many canine traits
because he copies the dogs.  Sue, in the sanctuary office, has grown very
fond of Rory as she nursed him when he was ill when he first arrived.  Alfie used to wash Rory's hooves when Sue was cuddling the pony. Rory also loves
to have his tummy tickled.

Desmond and Dobbin
(More of a Joke than a True Story)

Desmond, who was a real town dweller, drove his car into a ditch when out on the country roads. Luckily, a local farmer came was passing by with his big strong horse called Dobbin.

He hitched Dobbin up to
the car and shouted loudly, 'Pull, Dolly, pull!'
Dobbin didn't
move one inch.Dobbin the horse pulls cart

Then the farmer yelled, 'Pull, Robbie, pull.'
Still Dobbin failed to respond.

Once more the farmer commanded in a stentorian
voice, 'Pull, Ringo, pull.'
Again - nothing.

Then the farmer nonchalantly and quietly muttered, 'Pull, Dobbin, pull.'
Immediately the horse easily dragged the car out of the ditch.

Desmond was very
appreciative but also very curious. He asked the farmer why he called his horse by a different name three times.

The farmer whispered by way of reply, 'Oh, Dobbin is blind and if he thought he was the only
one pulling, he wouldn't
even try.'

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