Polar Bear Meets Huskies

These polar bear pictures
were taken on the western side of Hudson Bay at Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
Thanks to John, one of our readers, we have identified the photographer as
Norbert Rosing.


Trepidation As the Bear Approaches the Huskies

Polar bear meets huskies - trepidation

Polar bear and husky
get to know one another

Polar bear meets husky

Let us remember that polar bears are confined to the north pole.  As for
the Huskies, there are several distinct breeds originating from Canadian, Alaska, Greenland and Russia.  However, we believe that the dogs featured here maybe Siberian Huskies.

Polar bear and husky -

Polar bear meets husky

Go on - Give us a kiss!

Polar bear and husky kiss

Polar Bear Meets Huskies

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Polar Bear Meets Huskies - PowerPoint SlidesPolar Bear with Husky

  • Trepidation as the bear approaches the huskies
  • The two get to know each other
  • Friends
  • Give us a kiss
  • And a cuddle
  • Friends for life
  • See more polar bears in action

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Video Clip of Polar Bears and Huskies

Polar bears and dogs playing

Polar Bears in SummerPolar Bears in Summer

From one extreme to another.  Poor polar bears overheating in summer.  As Europe swelters in the heatwave zoo-keepers have been trying hard to look after their animals.  At Zurich zoo
animals have been fed a diet of frozen berries, meat and bones to help them stay cool in the intense summer heat.

The 'alternative ice cream' offered to animals instead of their usual fare has been a big
hit with large cats, apes and wolves, Zurich Zoo said in a statement. 'The ice cream should at least offer the animals a temporary way to cool down.'

A polar bear enjoys a mackerel-flavoured
ice cube at La Fleche zoo, western France. The snack is one way for the animals to keep cool.

To go off at a tangent, 'Polar bear ice-cream' reminds me of the old tale of feeding penguins to the polar bear.

See what happened when a joker fed 8 penguins to the polar bears.

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