The World’s Most Pointless Signs!

Funny Caution Sign

As you walk around your neighbourhood, or travel on the bus or train, keep your eye out for amusing notices in your area, meanwhile enjoy our pointless signs.

The World's Most Pointless Sign!

Pointless signs Caution.  This sign has sharp edges.  Could it be that the sign-writer needs to adjust their priorities?   Ah well, without such people there would be no amusing notices. At the risk of being critical, even if the main message were splashed in big letters, is this phrase clear and unambiguous?  'The Bridge is Out Ahead'.

 Classic Pointless Sign

Funny Chinese Signs Has the sign writer got orange on the brain? Or has something been lost in the translation. Brush up your Engrish here

Motorway Sign

That reminds me of a sign that I saw recently as I was driving along the motorway, 'Please use both lanes'.  To be pedantic, does this mean that I should straddle the white line? Surely the authorities meant, 'Please use either lane'.Funny Caution Sign

Pointless Signs From the Road-side

Pointless Sign Is the above pointless signboard genuine, or a put up job?  What do you think?  Please send your Pointless Signs to Will and Guy.

Cockroach Cancer - Hilarious Sign, Unless You Are a CockroachNo Smoking Signs

The cockroaches are getting cancer. Please don't throw your cigarettes on the floor.  The cockroaches are getting cancer.  Often it's the ludicrousness of these notices that makes them so funny

Pointless Signs:  'Perminant'

Litter notices such as this are rarely appreciated, but this pointless sign is compounded by a spelling mistake 'perminant'. Pointless Signs Funny pictures and pointless signs give us a laugh, but we ponder how much they cost in lost business, or for replacement calligraphy.

Should This Pointless Sign At Least be Covered Over?

Sign not in use

Another Tricky Road Sign

Keep Left

Will and Guy's Candidate for 'Unclear Sign of the Year'

Unclear Sign

Blow Your Own Trumpet?Don't Smile

Unclear Sign

No Visibility?Invisibility

Invisibility This sign: 'Be Aware of Invisibility' has Will and Guy stumped.

We Didn't Know If We Were Coming or Going!

Funny Exit Entry Sign See more funny Ingrish pictures Footnote: Please send us your pointless signs.

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