Top 10 Funny Pictures

Will chose these pictures on Nov 9th, he said that if he made his selection again today, then you would be seeing a different top 10 pictures.  The point is that humour depends on mood, and that is why we deliberately seek variety, so that on any give day at least one picture will make you laugh.

1) This picture is just beautiful.Wonderful Picture of a Tomato high-speed photo See more high resolution photos here
2) Mental Health Check the mental health of your friends
Picture of plane illusion3) Plane Optical Illusion Fake or Illusion?  You decide
4) See who or what is in deep trouble Deep Trouble
5) Poor Cat What have they done to this poor cat?
6) Marriage Bureau You have to see the Marriage Bureau for yourself
7) Dublin Bus The Irish have their own brand of humour, the Dublin Bus is a case in point
8) A rare example of Toilet Humor we can publish Good Toilet humor (Oxymoron?)
picture bear9) Want to be a bear? Check out the great life of a bear
Finger Painting10) Finger Painting - Amazing art Free PowerPoint presentation of hand painting
Will's Reserve Choices Sunset from Space Sunset from Space Photograph See see earth from space with satellite photography What do you make of Will's secret of good health?Funny picture of splashing class mates Is his glass big enough for you?

Toilet for the Desperate

Toilet for the desperate

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