Pictures of funny events. Payback time for office prank

This is the situation.  The office practical
joker goes on holiday.  Now it's
payback time, here are assorted stunts that you could try and thus get your



1) Do you remember when they poured coffee in your keyboard?
Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Practical joke, keyboard plants.

2) Remember the time the joker hid all your Post-it notes?
Well this is how to get your own back.

Holiday / office pranks

3) Revenge for when they gave you a
present of a huge box.  All that was inside was a tiny gift wrapped
in 27 layers of paper

Revenge - stick-it notes

April Fools Day Pranks For
the Office

'Office pranks are good for morale and could even help reduce
stress,' a new report has claimed.

Will and Guy suggest that pranksters consider their victims
carefully to ensure appropriateness. We have been friends for many
years have learned that Guy is much more relaxed about pranks than
Will - so tread carefully.

'Playing a practical joke on a colleague could encourage
creativity and improve team-working,' according to an executive
jobsite. 'When people come together to create a prank, it encourages
creativity, teamwork and gives the office a shared experience
outside of the workload.' So writes Sarah Drew, general manager of

Whoopee cushions may be deemed inappropriate.

However, an alternative view is taken by Rosemary Haefner, Vice
President of human resources at when she says, 'Pranking
at work can be risky business.'

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Day Pranks

Bored at Work?
Bored at work?

Will and Guy meekly offer this example of how to fill your time at work
when bored:

  1. Gather all the dead flies on your window sill.
  2. Pick a pencil and paper and let your imagination flow.
  3. New take on ordering 'Fly Paper'.

Here are a few examples:

Easy Rider

Bored at work?
Bored at work?
Fly drawing
Bored at work?

Fly Loos

Fly Loo

Bored at work flies
Kindly sent in by Hannah Baker

No flies on us

Please send us your funny examples of

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