Thanksgiving Date 2010 November 25th

These are the themes for Thanksgiving Day traditions, the turkey supper, parading in the town and giving thanks.
  • 2010 - Thursday, November 25th
  • 2011 - Thursday, November 24th
  • 2012 - Thursday, November 22nd
  • 2013 - Thursday, November 28th

Thanksgiving Celebration 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 November 25th

Abraham Lincoln Sets November Thanksgiving Day

Sarah Hale, a magazine editor, campaigned tirelessly for a national Thanksgiving day.  Hale wrote in Godey's Lady's Book, eventually Sarah's idea caught the president's eye and in 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed the idea of November Thanksgiving, to be precise, that last Thursday in November would be a national day of Thanksgiving.  In 2008, Thanksgiving day fell on November 27th, in 2009 it was November 26th and in 2010 it will be the November 25th, strange how the day goes back a day each year. In Canada they set Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday in October.  Here it was Martin Frobisher who in Newfoundland first gave thanks for surviving his explorations in 1578.  Other countries who celebrate Thanksgiving include Argentina and Brazil. Japan has a national holiday on 23rd November to celebrate Labour / Thanksgiving day.

New York Thanksgiving Tradition

In New York City there are lots of engaging Thanksgiving traditions. For example, a lot of New Yorkers don't buy the frozen Thanksgiving turkey. They prefer to buy the bird live and then push it in front of a subway train.  David Letterman

Last Year's White House Gate-crashers

Hats off to Tareq and Michaele Salahi's their White House blag accords them instant elevation to the pantheon of great gatecrashers. They clearly possess that key requirement for any successful gatecrasher: chutzpah. The Salahis, who were described by the Washington Post as "polo-playing socialites," are also reportedly auditioning for roles in the TV programme The Real Housewives of Washington".

Guide to Gate-crashing

Dress for the occasion, look the part. The Salahis were spot on here. The maxim is 'fit in and you might just get in'.  Always try the front door before the tradesman's entrance.  Time your approach to conincide with a cluster of of real guests.  If possible engage them in conversation.  Look the security men in the eye and nod.  If they stop there try bluster.  We were a last-minute invite.  Once inside walk purposefully and blend in.  Keep talking to the other 'real' guests. Stanley Berman was a New York cabbie and serial gatecrasher who secured the Queen's autograph at a Waldorf reception in 1957, attended Lucille Ball's wedding by pretending to be her bodyguard and topped both of these achievements by scamming a seat in the Kennedy family box for JFK's inaugural ball. Despite his Brooklyn accent, he often called himself Charles du Pont III.

Getting Betrothed at Thanksgiving

A strange Thanksgiving Tradition in the Chinese areas of San Francisco is for engaged couples to buy a lock and key, then chain the lock to the Golden Gate bridge and throw away the key.

Thanksgiving Superstitions

  • Before putting the turkey in the oven, knock 3 times on a wooden board and the meat will taste succulent.
  • Pulling the wishbone.  The person with the longer end will have their wish come true.
  • If you eat a child's turkey leftovers then it will make a boy naughty and a girl cry.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, turkey at Thanksgiving was not invented by the "Farmers' Market".  Of course, it was William Bradford and his 'History Of Plymouth Plantation' that established the tradition of turkey at Thanksgiving.

Macy's November Thanksgiving TraditionsMacy's Thanksgiving parade - Turkey

Children love Macy's November Thanksgiving Day parade through Manhattan, New York.  I wonder how many people have attended at least one parade since its inception in 1924*? One constant theme of Macy's parade is characters made of balloons, indeed we muse in the 1930's did Walt Disney make Macy's parade, or did Macy's parade make Disney? Some say Macy's parade did not start until 1927, the argument centers over the naming of the 1924 version, 'Macy's Christmas Day Parade', the confusion arises because it was held at Thanksgiving. Old timers say they used to release balloons with prizes for those who found the balloon.  Many think it would be great if Macy's resurrected the tradition. Amongst other cities, Detroit is at the forefront of celebrations.  Since 1924 they have their own parade down Woodward avenue.  Also their NFL team, the Detroit Lions always play a game on Thanksgiving, a tradition that goes back to 1934.

November Thanksgiving - A Truly American StoryNovember Thanksgiving - Pilgrims Mayflower

Looking back approaching 400 years one can see why those first Pilgrims had a lot to be thankful for.  Their boat, the Mayflower, made it across the Atlantic Ocean.  We can only ponder how many perished in similar boats before their success.  And indeed we can think of all those boats which have been lost with all hands since.  The Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 can be grateful that Iroquois Native Americans were not more numerous and more belligerent. The Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower were members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect).  They fled from persecution in England and took the opportunity of a better life in America.  Puritans negotiated with a London stock company to finance the pilgrimage to America.  However, 2/3 of those aboard the Mayflower were not Separatists, they just went along for the adventure and the opportunity. That first winter on 1620 was severe and by the fall of 1621 almost half of the original 102 settlers had died of hardship.  However, the vegetables were new to the Pilgrims and they needed help from the Iroquois Indians to grow crops such as maize and pumpkins.  Thanks to the skill of native Indians like Squanto, and good fortune, the harvest of 1621 was bountiful. Thanksgiving video Governor William Bradford famously sent 'four men fowling'. They returned with deer, wild ducks and geese. While they probably did not have turkey as we know it, the Pilgrims coined the word 'turkey' as a generic term for any wild fowl. The resulting feast was more like an English harvest festival than a true Thanksgiving observance. See more pictures of the Pilgrim fathers See more November Thanksgiving Traditions

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