Newspaper Headlines

newspaper headlines

Funny Newspaper Ads – Headlines

Those personal, or small ads, that you find in the classified columns of any newspaper are a rich source of humour.  They say that top comedians have a team of researches scouring newspaper headlines for amusing material to incorporate in their jokes and one-liners.  Let us follow their lead and flick thought the small ads. …

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Funny Newspaper Headlines

Here is a selection of funny banner headlines.  Once you alerted to the phenomenon, I guarantee that you will start seeing amusing headings in your newspaper headlines. Unusual, Strange and Funny Newspaper Headlines The meaning is not quite what the editor had in mind, nevertheless, they gave Will and Guy a chuckle. Funny News Headlines …

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Funny Notices in Hotels

Here are a collection of funny notices that made our foreign holiday one long laugh.  English is such a difficult language to learn, just the smallest mistake in a hotel notice can produce a hilarious joke. Funny Hotel Notices in the Lobby Funny Notices in the Bedroom Funny Notices in a the Bar Funny Holiday …

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Funny Adverts From Bygone Times

Following an interesting and fascinating article by Hermione Hoby in the Observer newspaper in August 2010 where she looked at advertising in the “olden days”.  Will and Guy decided to search the internet to provide a barrel load of laughs for our readers and viewers. Amazing Adverts From a Bygone Era Terrible Cigarette Adverts Advertising …

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