These examples of 'Misnomers'
were reported in The Guardian newspaper in February 2006.

These words are both informative and amusing:

1. Arabic numerals originated in India.

2. The Peanut is a legume, [i.e.
fruit/vegetable] not a nut.

3. Tin cans and tin foil are constructed from aluminium, not tin.

4. Madison Square Garden, USA is not square (nor is it a garden).

5. Danish pastries were invented in

6. Dry cleaning uses a fluid called naphtha.

7. Pencil lead - pencils use graphite and not lead.

8. The Koala bear is a marsupial and not a bear.

9. Panama hats originate from Ecuador, not

10. The word Asteroid means '
and they are small planets.

11. The Turkey is native to America and is named for its resemblance to a bird native to Africa.

12. The People's
Republic of Korea. [Think about it; particularly if you live there]

Warning - Dangerous Place to Drink

'The Hind's
pub/restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, UK has an extremely low ceiling and front door. As you enter the premises there is a sign which reads: 'Duck or

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