Miracle Tyre – Funny Car Video Clip


1) The miracle tyre - off on its own

A run of the mill
race car incident -
wheel comes off.  The car pulls over, no problem, but what of the tyre?

Miracle tyre

2) Will the 'Miracle Tyre' take out-one of the cars?

Will tyre take out car?

3) What happened next?

Miracle tyre - what happened next?

Check out our Funny Car Video Clip
and see what happens to the miracle tyre

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Luck Roulette Win at the Casino

The miracle tyre video reminds me of a time when
I was playing roulette in a casino.  I wanted to put a chip on number 36 but I could not reach that part of the layout.  The croupier said 'no more bets', so I lobbed my chip to my friend who was down
at the bottom of the board near the 36.  'No more bets' said the croupier for the last time.  My friend could not grab my chip, which developed a mind of it's own, landed on its edge and started
rolling around the board.  In unison the ball landed on number 28 and my chip stopped rolling and fell down on number 28.  A mille-second later the croupier plonked her marker on top of my chip on
number 28.  Did you mean number 28 she smiled sweetly.  'You bet' I replied.

The Miracle Tyre, reminded me of that lucky roulette spin.

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