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Irish Leprechaun Pictures and Jokes

Many cultures have fairies as part of their folklore, but few have little
people with such a rich source of humour, funny stories and different guises
as leprechauns.  To begin with leprechauns are exclusively male which
immediately gives them great scope for mischief.



Irish Leprechauns

Funny Irish Leprechaun

Many cultures have fairies as part of their folklore, but few have little
people with such a rich source of humour, funny stories and different guises as
leprechauns. People even dress up in
entirely green
outfits and portray leprechauns around the holidays.

Will and Guy's Sham Rock Irish storyA Leprechaun Puzzle

A leprechaun bought himself a jigsaw puzzle with 20 pieces.  It took him a month to
fit the pieces together correctly.  He thought this was terrific, but his mate
O'Reilly said, 'What's the big deal?'

The Leprechaun said, 'Well it said on the box: 4 to 6 years.'

Funny Leprechaun JokesLeprechaun Jack

  • Where were you leprechauns going when I saw you coming back?
    I ran after you, but when I caught up to you you'd gone.
  • 'How far is it to the next village?' asked the American tourist.
    about seven miles,' guessed the leprechaun. 'But it's only five if you run!'
  • Two leprechauns have just opened a restaurant for small people on the
    moon.  It serves marvellous cheese dishes, but th
    e atmosphere is

Leprechaun Colours

Will and Guy have only ever seen green leprechauns, but we here rumours
that in some parts there have been sightings of black leprechauns.  Any
information about the various tribes of leprechaun gratefully received.

Pictures from the Leprechaun Museum -
Opens In Time for St Patrick's Day

Funny Leprechaun Pictures
Funny Leprechaun Pictures

Based in the heart of Dublin city, in Eire, the National Leprechaun
Museum is a national cultural entertainment centre that takes visitors
deeper into Irish and Celtic culture to discover what really lies behind the
well-known tales of Irish cultural iconography - leprechauns, rainbows and
pots of gold.

The National Leprechaun Museum is the first ever visitor attraction
dedicated to Irish mythology and promises to open up a fun and magical world
full of fascinating folklore and enchanting stories.

Visitors to the museum are encouraged to feel what it's like to journey
deep beneath the rocks of the Giant's Causeway, open up their minds to the
sights and stories of Ireland's mythical otherworld on a trip to fairy hill,
experience what it's like to live in a leprechaun-sized world and journey to
the end of the rainbow to see if the elusive crock of gold really exists.

The museum initially employs eight people. The museum's director and
creator, Tom O'Rahilly informed Will and Guy that, 'The National Leprechaun
Museum is a first; nothing like it exists anywhere else in the world. Irish
culture is famous the world over - even Walt Disney came to Ireland to look
for leprechauns.'

Funny Leprechaun Pictures

Opened March 2010:

No Hiding Place

Walking into the bar, Shamus said to
O'Heir the bartender, 'Pour me a stiff one - just had another fight with the little woman.'

'O, bejabbers,' said O'Heir, 'And how did this one end?'

'Hah, when it was over,' Shamus replied,
'she came to me on her hands and knees.'

'Really?' cried O'Heir, 'now that's a switch!  What did she say?'

She said, 'Come out from under the bed, Shamus, you little chicken.'

Clean Irish JokesLeprechauns - Drunk or Sober!

A Leprechaun is never drunk as long as he can hold onto one blade of
grass to keep from falling off the earth.

May the roof above you never fall in and those leprechauns gathered
beneath it never fall out.

Leprechauns Win the Irish LotteryIrish Blessings

Two Leprechauns have just won
�500,000 in the Irish lottery and they are now having a pint in O'Malley's

Timothy turns to say to Seamus and says, 'What about all them begging

Seamus replies, 'Oh, we'll just carry on sending them.'

Luck of the Irish

Kieran O'Connor always slept with his gun under his pillow. Hearing a
noise at the foot of the bed, he shot off his big toe.

'Thank the Lord I wasn't sleeping at the other end of the bed,' Kieran
said to his friends in Donegal's pub. 'I would have blown my head off.'

Bad LeprechaunBad Leprechaun Robber

David Cotton, disguised as a leprechaun, robbed a bank in Galatin in
Tennessee on St. Patrick's day 2010.

The robber, dressed in long black cape sporting a fake black beard and
wearing a 2 foot leprechaun hat, held up the First State Bank with a gun.
He was driven away in a Toyota Corolla by Jonathan Skinner.

Bystanders gave chase and notified police who quickly caught up with the
suspects' car and the robbers opened fire. One police car was hit by several

Bystanders gave chase and notified police who quickly caught up with the
suspects' car and the robbers opened fire. One police car was hit by several
bullets.  During the shootout Mr Skinner was shot by police but that
the leprechaun robber killed himself.

"They were confronted by officers. They failed to drop their weapons and
gunshots were exchanged," said Sergeant Bill Storment, a police spokesman.
Funny Irish Joke

Police confirmed that the same man man had held up a bank in Nashville
three days before Christmas - dressed as Santa Claus.

Please write to Will and Guy if you have any funny leprechaun pictures
or jokes.

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