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Koala Pictures

Koala 'bears' are marsupials, and thus are not closely related to brown bears. In fact Australians never use the words Koala and Bear in the same sentence.

Cool Koala PicturesKoala Pictures

What do you think Koala do when the temperature soars? Here is one example: these recent photographs were taken on 30th January 2009 in South Australia where the temperature reached highs of 40C+ everyday for over a week, consequently the land became very arid and dry and wild animals began to suffer. This koala strolled onto the back porch of his friend's house looking for relief from the incessant blazing heat. A washing up bowl of water was provided. The pictures then tell the story of what happened next. A regular visitor to our site, John Reeves, sent us these pictures which he received from his friend, Victoria Hill, who lives in Sydney, Australia.

Ten Interesting Facts about the Koala

  1. Koalas are not related to bears. They are marsupials, native to Australia.
  2. Contrary to what we see in the above photos, Koalas rarely drink water, due to their diet of eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves contain enough moisture to supply most of the koala's water needs.
  3. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary opened in 1927 in Brisbane, Australia, and it was the first, and is still the largest, koala sanctuary in the world.
  4. Koalas have slow metabolisms. They sleep for most of the day, as much as 14 hours. We know some people like that say Will and Guy.
  5. Females almost always have only one baby at a time.
  6. Koala cuddling has been banned in New South Wales since 1997, but cuddling is still permitted in Queensland.
  7. In Queensland, koalas can only be cuddled for less than 30 minutes per day.
  8. Baby koalas are called "Joeys".
  9. A koala has two thumbs on its hands, and the ridged skin on the bottom of its feet gives it traction for climbing trees.
  10. Koalas have almost become extinct; but due to conservation efforts, koalas are making a comeback. Loss of natural habitat due to logging, residential construction and real estate development, and farming still keeps koalas at risk.

A Well Known But Funny Koala Joke

Joey the youthful koala walks into a bar, sits down, makes himself comfortable and orders a sandwich. Joey eats the sandwich, stands up, spins around, pulls a pistol out of his pouch, [remember he is a marsupial] he shoots the piano player and proceeds to walk out of the bar. Koala Jokes The bartender, in shock, shouts loudly at Joey, 'Oy you! Who do you think you are, you ate my sandwich and shot my piano player, and just where do you think you're going?' Joey answers promptly, 'Listen up mate, I'm a koala. Look it up.' The apoplectic bartender takes down the Chambers dictionary from behind the bar and looks up the word - Koala: The dictionary says: "n. a marsupial that eats shoots and leaves."

A Less Well Known But Hilarious Koala Joke

A doctor's surgery put an advert in the local paper: "Receptionist wanted. Must be able to type, send emails, and speak five languages." As soon as the ad appeared the surgery door opened and in scampered Joey the koala. Joey nodded his head towards the advertisement but the doctor man shook his head commenting, 'I'm afraid we can't give you the job. You have to be able to type.' Joey climbed up onto the chair next to the desk and typed away. Again the doc shook his head saying, 'You have to be able to send emails.' Joey the koala immediately sent an email to [email protected] The doctor shook his head yet again, this time murmuring, 'You have to be able to speak five languages.' Joey replied clearly, 'Woof, miaow, moo, baa, oink.' Koala Jokes Footnote: Please send us your funny koala pictures, jokes and interesting facts. Follow the lead of Jill Curnow who wrote: Another place where the Koala's can be held is in Sth Aust at Cleland Wildlife Park  This wildlife park is less than half an hour from the centre of the Adelaide CBD and has all different animals running around for people to pet.  It's a great place to visit even for those of us who live here all the time. Perhaps here to boost the page: http://www.guy-sports.com/humor/pictures/koala_bears_pictures.htm

G'Day Folks - Is Your Kangaroo Missing?

Strange to report but we have heard that a "Roo" is on the loose and wandering around New York State, USA. If you happen to bump into him we can reveal that his name is Bandit ; he is about 3 feet tall, and is one-year-old *wallaroo, which is a large species of kangaroo. Police have seen Bandit but apparently but failed to apprehend him and so he has remained on the loose for some 3 weeks.

Ten Interesting Facts About Wallaroos Wallaroo

  1. The wallaroo gets its name because it is half way between a WALLaby and a kangAROO in size
  2. A wallaroo is a marsupial mammal meaning it carries its baby in its pouch on the outside of its tummy
  3. The infant wallaroo can stay up to a year in its mother's pouch
  4. The wallaroo is a solitary animal, preferring its own company
  5. By staying in caves during the day energy is conserved
  6. During the day the Wallaroo sleeps in a shelter: i.e. under a rock on a slope
  7. Wallaroos are herbivores and ruminants
  8. The common wallaroo has a large black rump it shares in common with all other Wallaroos
  9. Wallaroos have relatively large ears [See photo]
  10. A wallaroo's head and body measure about 55-110cm and their tail is typically 53-90cm

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