Joke car picture – Car on Ship



Joke Picture - How Did She Do THAT

My question is not so much 'How did she get the car in that position'
.  But how did she explain parking the car in that slot, to anyone who dared ask?

Joke car picture

As ever, Will and I try to alter names and pictures to protect the guilty.

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Hilarious Tale of a Woman Driver: With a Happy Ending

A woman driver ended up parking her car in the roof of this Italian house
after she forgot to put on the handbrake.  Maria Rizzo, 34, stopped to
admire the spectacular view from the street above the house in Alassio, on
the Gulf of Genoa in northern Italy. Funny Car Picture

Will and Guy heard that she was so intent on taking a photograph that she
forgot to put on the handbrake, and her car rolled away, smashing through a
barrier and plunging down the hill onto the house below.

The Fiat Panda broke through the roof and landed in the bathroom, with
the front end wedged in an iron bath which broke the fall and stopped the
red car plunging further into the house.

A police spokesman remarked to us, 'Luckily no one was home at the time,
so nobody was hurt, but the owner of the property did have a surprise when
they arrived home.'

No doubt we say.    Picture: CEN

Borrowing the Car

Roger and Emily, modern 21st century parents, allowed their 17 year old
daughter, Kate, to borrow the family car whenever she wanted.

Last Saturday night Kate returned home very late from a party.
next morning her father, Roger, went out to the drive to get the newspaper
and came back into the house frowning.

At 11:30am Kate sleepily walked into the kitchen, and her father asked
her, 'Darling, what time did you get in last night'

'Not very late, Dad,' Kate replied nervously as she thought about being
allowed to continue borrowing the car.  With a dead pan face Roger
continued, 'Then, my little angel, I'll have to talk with the paperboy about
putting my paper under the front tyre of the car.'

Wonder They Are Introducing - Parking for Women Only!

Snow Women Pictures
Joke car picture

Follow-up - This Is
What The Lady Wished For

Always be careful what you wish for.  Think ahead, what will actually happen if your wish comes true?  Just when you think that your situation could not get any worse.

Women Wishing Well - Funny picture


Trouble Ahead?

There may be trouble
Love and Romance
Music and Moonlight

Barrel of Fun?

Barrel of fun

Certainly not a barrel of fun

Car Is Stolen

wife borrowed his car and parked in the supermarket car park.  Just as she came out laden with shopping, she saw a young lad break into the car, hot wire it and drive off.  Naturally she
reported the matter to the police.  'What did he look like?', the sergeant asked.  'I don't
know she replied, but I got the licence plate'.

Stick In The Mud?

To redress the gender balance, here are a couple of fellows stuck in the mud.  Don't you just love it
when those off-road vehicles get their comeuppance?

People Really Do Park Like This, Says Will, 'I've Seen Them!'

Parking Solo

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