January 2011

January Special Day Events

  •  1st New Year's Day
  •  1st Kwanzee ends
  •  3rd Festival of Sleep
  •  4th Trivia Day
  •  5th Twelfth NightMagh Mela
  •  5th National Bird Day
  •  6th Epiphany
  • 11th National Milk Day
  • 13th St Hilary's Day (Coldest Day?)
  • 14th Magh Mela and
    Kumbh Mela (Indian
  • 14/15th Kite Festival India
  • 15th Martin Luther King Day
  • 15th Chosun Gul Day or Korean
    Alphabet Day - (North Korea)
  • 19th Popcorn Day
  • Blue Monday
  • 20th Festival of San Sebastian Spain 
  • 25th Burns Night
  • 26th Australia Day
  • 26th Republic Day India
  • 27th Holocaust Memorial Day
  • 28th Cullinan Diamond discovered (1905)
  • World Religion Day - Third Sunday in January
  • Jan Up Helly Aa

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