Funny Halloween Cat Pictures

Black Halloween cat

Cats, particularly black cats are symbols of evil, thus they come into their own on Samhain (All Hallows Eve).

Pumpkin Scares Cat at Halloween

Halloween Cat Cat picture kindly sent in by Bill Kuffrey

Another Cat Takes Revenge on the Pumpkin

Pumpkin chainsaw massacrePumpkin chainsaw massacre A Happy Ending Cats in pumpkin
When is it bad luck to meet a black cat at Halloween? When you're a mouse!

A Witch's Familiar - Her CatWitch's Cat Familiar Halloween

Explaining a witch's 'Familiar' is a complex topic.  It can mean an assistant, who could help the witch by keeping a lookout, and give warnings of interlopers.  A familiar can also mean an alter ego that a witch could change into and thus move around un-detected.  In both of these roles you could think of familiars as evil spirits. However cats, particularly black Halloween cats, are the most form of a witch's familiar. However, they could be other animals such as toads, owls or even mice. The uglier the beast the more suitable is to be a familiar.

Sinister Halloween Cat

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween. Cat Pumpkin MoonScary Halloween Moon Pumpkin cat silhouetted against the full moon To appease the spirits of the dead Druids organized a festival on the night before Halloween.  While the celebrations varied from country to country, most festivities had bonfires and animal sacrifices. Although they did not have the elaborate Halloween costumes of today, no doubt our some of ancestors loved dressing up as much as some people do today.

Happy Halloween Cat Pictures

Halloween Cat See more funny cat pictures

Russian Halloween Cats

Russian Halloween Cats

Unhappy Cat?Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Unhappy Halloween Cat

Halloween - The Name Behind the Funny Pictures Dog with knife

Pretty much everyone agrees with the position of Halloween in the calendar, namely All Hallows Eve, October 31st.  Halloween pictures and images fall into three major categories.
  1. Symbols of evil: witches, goblins and especially black cats.
  2. Symbols of death: ghosts, skeletons, haunted houses and graveyards.
  3. Symbols of harvest: pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns, scarecrows and corn dollies.
Other variations on the name include:
  • Hallow E'en - Ireland
  • Hallowtide or Hallowe'en - Scotland
  • Nos Galen-gaeof - Wales (The Night of the Winter Calends)
  • Feralia - Roman
  • Samhain - Celts
  • The Feast of All Soula, also Feast of the Sun.Scary Stories for Halloween

The King of the Cats – A Halloween Story by Ernest Rhys Fairy-Gold

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived in a lonely house in a remote part of Scotland.  An old woman used to do the cooking, and there was no one else, unless we count her cat and their own dogs, within miles of them. One October afternoon the elder of the two, whom we will call Andrew, said he would not go out - so the younger one, Fergus, went alone to follow the path where they had been shooting the day before, far across the mountains. He meant to return home before the early sunset - however, he did not do so, and Andrew became very uneasy as he watched and waited in vain till long after their usual suppertime. At last Fergus returned, wet and exhausted, but he did not explain why he was so late. After supper when the two brothers were seated before the fire, on which the peat crackled cheerfully, the dogs were lying at their feet, and the old woman's black cat sitting gravely with half-shut eyes on the hearth between them, Fergus recovered himself and began to tell his adventures. 'You must be wondering,' said he, 'what made me so late. I have had a very, very strange adventure to-day. I hardly know what to say about it. I went, as I told you I should, along our yesterday's track. A mountain fog came on just as I was about to turn homewards, and I completely lost my way. I wandered about for a long time not knowing where I was, till at last I saw a light, and made for it, hoping to get help. As I came near, it disappeared, and I found myself close to an old oak tree. I climbed into the branches the better to look for the light, and, behold there it was right beneath me, inside the hollow trunk of the tree. I seemed to be looking down into a church, where a funeral was taking place. I heard singing, and saw a coffin surrounded by torches, all carried by, But I know you won't believe me, Andrew, if I tell you.' His brother eagerly begged him to go on, and threw a dry peat on the fire to encourage him. The dogs were sleeping quietly, but the cat was sitting up, and seemed to be listening just as carefully and cannily as Andrew himself. Both brothers, indeed, turned their eyes on the cat as Fergus took up his story. 'Yes,' he continued, 'it is as true as I sit here. The coffin and the torches were both carried by cats, and upon the coffin were marked a crown and a sceptre.' He got no farther, for the black cat started up, shrieking, 'My stars. Old Peter's dead, and I'm the King o' the Cats.' He then rushed up the chimney and was never seen again.

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