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Name That Year - July Dates Quiz

Events that happened in July - Can you name the year?Events that happened in July - Quiz

Will and Guy have a surprise - there are no jokes on this page, just a challenge to you; can you name that year?

All these 34 events happened in July - But in which year?

The values in brackets is the leeway that I give you. For example:  The Russo (Russian) - Japanese War starts. (10 years)  Exact answer: 1904, leeway 1894-1914.
  1. Battle of the Boyne (Drogheda in Ireland). (50 Years)1844 Last Great Auk killed off Iceland
  2. Steve Fossett first flies solo around the world in a balloon. (5 Years)
  3. Dow Jones stock index launched (40 Years).
  4. Last Great Auk killed (Symbol of Man's stupidity in hunting animals) (40 Years).
  5. Grand Junction Railway opened between Birmingham and Liverpool. (World's first intercity train) (40 Years)
  6. Isaac Newton publishes Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (75 Years).
  7. The bikini is introduced (20 Years).
  8. Biafran War started by Nigerian forces invading Biafra (10 Years).
  9. Yul Brynner born (15 Years).
  10. US State Dept issues first American passport (50 Years).
  11. The first US duplicate bridge championship held in America (20 Years).
  12. Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior sunk in Auckland New Zealand. 11th 1859 Charles Dickens A Tale Of Two Cities is published (10 Years).
  13. The Lumière brothers show their first film (25 Years).
  14. Boris Yeltsin resigns from Soviet Communist party (10 Years).
  15. The Boxer uprising in China (20 Years).
  16. King Faisal II Prime Minister of Iraq, assassinated in Baghdad (15 Years).
  17. First flight of the Boeing 707, the first American jet passenger airliner. (15 Years)
  18. Emperor Haile Selassie signs the first constitution of Ethiopia (20 Years).
  19. The Mont Blanc Tunnel joining Italy with France opens (20 Years).
  20. Gymnast Nadia Comaneci, scores first ever perfect 10 at the Olympic Games. (8 Years)
  21. The Spanish Armada was sighted in the English Channel (50 Years). Sitting Bull surrenders
  22. The Sandinista rebels overthrow the government of the Somoza family in Nicaragua (15 Years).
  23. Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull, surrenders to federal troops. (20 Years)
  24. Neil Armstrong and 'Buzz' Aldrin become the first men to walk on the Moon. (10 Years)
  25. John Dillinger, American bank robber shot (20 Years).
  26. William Austin Burt patents the first typewriter (30 Years).
  27. Alfons (Alphonse) Mucha, Czech painter and print-maker was born (20 Years).
  28. Louise Brown, the first so-called test-tube, is born (10 Years).
  29. Dr Esperanto's International Language first published. Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin become the first men to walk on the Moon.(40 Years)
  30. Welsh settlers arrive in Chubut Valley, Patagonia (Argentina) (30 Years).
  31. Maximilien Robespierre is guillotined in Paris France (50 Years).
  32. Inauguration of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris (40 Years).
  33. First Defenestration of Prague. 7 Ministers of the council thrown through a window to their death (75 Years).
  34. Liberace born (15 Years). 
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July Distinguishing Events

  •  1st Canada Day
  •  1st Doctor's Day
  •  1st Wife Carrying Championships Finland
  •  Cycling: Tour de France 
  •  4th of July - American Independence Day
  •  6-14th Running of the Bulls at PamplonaWeather Snippets
  •  Eid ul-Fitr Muslim Festival Ramadan Ends
  • 12th Orangeman's Day Northern Ireland
  • 14th July Bastille Day
  • 15th July St Swithin's Day 
  • Golf: UK Open Starts
  • 24th Cousins' Day
  • 27th National Scotch Egg Day
  • 29th The inauguration of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris (1836)
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