January Key dates Answers

Events that happened in January - Can you name the year?Events that happened in January

Interesting Anniversary Dates - January 1st-10th

 1st 990 Russia adopts Julian Calendar.

 1st 1801 United Kingdom Created.

 1st 1891 Ellis Island opens for USA immigrants.

 3rd 1959 Alaska becomes the 49th State of America.

(Hawaii is the 50th State - not England!)

 4th 1962 New York runs the first unmanned subway train.

 5th 1896 Roentgen's discovers x-rays.

(12th Night after Christmas.  Some say all day 6th January)

 6th 1066 King Harold is crowned King of England.

 7th 1785 Jeffries and Blanchard complete the first balloon flight across the English Channel.

 9th 1799 Income tax introduced in England.

10th 1863 The world's first underground railway service opens in London between Paddington and Farringdon.

10th 1949 RCA introduces the first 45 RPM record.

Interesting Anniversary Dates - January 11th - 20th

11th 1569 England's first lottery is drawn at St Paul's Cathedral.

11th 1922 Insulin first used to treat diabetes.

11th 1973 Watergate trial begins in Washington DC

12th 1948 The first American style Supermarket opens in UK

13th 1930 ' Mickey Mouse' comic strip launched. 

13th 1989 Bernhard Goetz, subway vigilante sentenced to 1 year in jail

14th 1914 Henry Ford introduces model-T Fords

15th 1559 Elizabeth 1st crowned Queen in Westminster Abbey.

16th 1547 Ivan the Terrible is crowned Czar of Russia.

17th 1917 US buy the Virgin Islands  from Denmark for $25 million

18th 1535 Francisco Pizarro founds Lima Peru

19th 1955 Board game ' Scrabble' is launched

20th 1265 The first English Parliament opens  (Iceland has an older Parliament).

20th 1841 Hong Kong is ceded to Great Britain.  1936 Edward VIII succeeds to the throne.

Interesting Anniversary Dates - January 21st -31st

21st 1792 French King Louis XVI was executed in Paris.

22nd 1901 Victoria, Queen of England, dies at age 82. She reigned for 64 years.

23rd 1579 Union of Utrecht signed, Dutch Republic formed.

23rd 1962 British spy Kim Philby defects to USSR

24th 1908 General Baden-Powell launches the Boy-Scouts (His Grand daughter lives in my village)

25th xxxx  Burns night - every year!

26th 1905 Cullinan diamond, is found.  The world's largest at 3,106 carats.

27th 1927 Harlem Globetrotters play their first game.

27th 1984 Michael Jackson is burned when filming a Pepsi commercial.

28th 1807 London's Pall Mall becomes the first street lit by gaslight.

29th 1918 Trotsky appointed People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs.  Later Trotsky founded the Red Army

29th 1951 Liz Taylor's first divorce (Conrad Hilton Jr)

30th 1649 Charles I King of England is beheaded.

30th 1933 Adolph Hitler named German Chancellor.

31st 1606 Guy Fawkes executed for gun powder plot.

31st 1905 The first car to reach 100 mph, MacDonald, Daytona Beach

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