Websites with Funny, But Clean Names


  •  - Naughty children!
  • - Not funny!
  • - Will and Guy prefer Portugal.
  • - Painful reading.
  • - Genuine hiccup.
  • - No danger of an avalanche in England.
  • - Catch a coach?
  • - Strange place.


*Slurl means 'Slur Url' a website name that has another accidental, but
derogatory meaning.  To qualify the website must be active, and also
must have been an oversight (oversite!) rather than a deliberate attempt at

Will and Guy add an extra condition, and that is that humour does not
rely on rude words.  While this cuts the list considerably, the results
fit with our desire to collect amusing but clean witticisms.

Will and Guy challenge you to send us a funny website without a hint of smut.

Websites with Long Names

A website devoted to part of a Welsh village features in a list of the longest internet addresses in Europe.

Birmingham man registered the 63-character address named after Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Anglesey.

The address - - actually refers to the upper part of the Welsh-speaking village.

It is the maximum number of characters allowed and is recognised as
the longest valid internet name in the world.  Keith Wood registered the domain name with EURid, the group managing the new European .eu domain.  He also registered an alternative to its full name - - to spare internet users the hassle of using the village's full title.

Eryl Roberts, who maintains the village website, said: 'We registered the village as a domain name to prove a
point that home pages don't have to be short and they don't have to be made up names either.'

Six other people last year registered the longest possible internet addresses possible.  One German user
registered .  EURid said almost 2.5 million .eu addresses were registered last year after its launch in April.

Another Interesting Website Danjeruskurves

  • Danjeruskurves combines humour
    with style.
  • See more on internet humour.

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