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Funny Valentine Pics

 Love for Cars - Or Cars
for Love?

Love for Cars - Or Cars for Love?
Funny Valentine's Pics
Valentine Car

Even on Valentine's day, if a man opens the door of his car for his
wife, you can be sure of one thing: either the car is new or the wife.

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Flying Monkey Draws Perfect Love Heart

Love Birds

Stone-age Man Uses a
Different Technique

Stone Age Valentine

A Puppy for Valentine's DayValentine Chihuahua Puppy

Here is a picture of a Chihuahua puppy who is literally wears its heart on its sleeve. This cute pooch,
called Heartkun, was born with a
perfect heart-shaped patch on its side

According to owner Emiko Sakurada, and reported in the Daily Mail, this is the first occasion a puppy with such marks had been born out of the more than one thousand
Chihuahuas she
has bred.

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Cats in Valentine Pose

Love in the animal kingdom - Cats

Picture This - Valentine Passion Extinguished

An Austrian 'Romeo' burnt the house down after making a giant heart out of blazing candles.
Valentine's day candles

It's Valentine's day, Hannes Pisek, 20, from Hoenigsberg in the province of Styria,
decided to take 220 candles and make a huge heart on the floor
of his flat.  He then lit them  went to pick up his girlfriend from work - but the plan backfired when the flat caught fire.

was left out in the cold as firemen battled to bring the blaze under
control. He has now lost his home and his girlfriend - she left him after
this Valentine's day disaster and has moved back with her parents.

More Funny Valentine's Day Pics

It's probably the heart shape that gives so many ideas for funny
Valentine pics.  Will and Guy love the spontaneity of these

Valentine Tracks in the

Any snows just before February 14th offers endless possibilities for

Funny Valentine's Cards

Even Better, Draw a Red Valentine in the Snow

Valentine in the snow

Take Her Inside for a Cup of Coffee

Funny Valentine pics based on drinks.

Valentine coffee heart

Up-market versions of valentine coffee, this time with a
china cup and an inscription.

valentine coffee, with a china cup and an inscription

Finally, bake her a
Valentine Cake

Valentine's day cake

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a boy

Valentine Beer - What
Every Man Wants!Valentine's day card - pretend

Valentine Beer

This funny Valentine heart picture has Will and Guy salivating.  It also
gets us thinking; this Valentine beer image would make and ideal subject
for a male Valentine card.  At least is would bring a new meaning
to 'Soppy Valentine card'.

Valentine Version to the Tune of Amore

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That's amore.

When an eel bites your hand and that's not what you planned
a moray.

When our habits are strange and our customs deranged
That's our

When your horse munches straw and the bales total four
That's some
more hay.

When Othello's poor wife, she gets stabbed with a knife
That's a
Moor, eh?

When a Japanese knight used a sword in a fight

Writer unknown

I Love My Computer

I love my computer

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