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Here is our collection of amusing images taken from the sides of lorries.


Burnt-out Lorry

What have we got here?  A burnt-out lorry?

Picture of truck art - burning truck

No!  It's truck art!

(Click for bigger picture)

This lorry is decked out with images printed on interchangeable covers.  Apparently, a German company called RollAd sponsored a competition to promote their new canvas advertising medium / material.

Truck Art - Aquarium

Will and Guy's amusing pictures - Truck Art

We dedicate this page to a real international trucker -
Charles Moss of Aberystwyth Removals and Storage

More Pictures of Truck Art - Gravity Defying Pepsi

Truck art - Pepsi

The Pepsi advert (above), was the winner of RollAd's
truck art competition
held at the Hockenheim Ring race track in October 2005.  These pictures are thumbnails, do click for even bigger pictures.

Petrol Shortage?

Petrol Shortage?

Long live truck art!
See more graphics design.

Funny Truck Art from the USA

Toilet Flush

Picture kindly sent in by Ken Green.

Strange But True Tale
About a Truck DriverTruck driver - crash helmet

A Chinese truck driver, whose vehicle was wrecked in an accident, bought a
crash helmet and attempted to carry on his journey. Will and Guy have discovered
that a police patrol stopped the badly damaged, speeding, truck as it weaved
from side-to-side on a motorway outside Wuhan city. Officers were flabbergasted
when they saw the driver wearing his crash helmet in the crushed shell of his
cab. A police spokesman commented, 'We signalled the driver to stop immediately,
and he told us he had to continue, since he was under contract and had a very
tight schedule.'

The driver, Mr Zhao, of Wuhan city, told them he had an accident not long
after setting off to deliver vegetables to Hunan province, 'I found the truck
was still functional, so I bought myself a helmet and continued,' he told the
Changjiang Business Daily.

Truck Art - Funny Garage DoorsFunny Garage Doors - Truck Art

Amaze and Surprise Your Friends and

Will and Guy would like show you how to get your neighbours to
sit up and take notice.

We have discovered that a German firm called "Style Your Garage", creates
posters for garage doors that make it look as if it's actually showing the
interior of your garage, and what's in it - a truck!

We think that the prices are reasonable [no we're not linked to the
company] and they range from £199 to £399 [$301 - $ 604 USD] - for the
double-door. All but guaranteed to make passersby and your neighbours take a
second look.

Made for the up-and-over garage doors predominantly common in Europe,
they can be fixed with Velcro and can be adapted to fit sectional garage

Please send us your pictures of funny truck art.

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