Funny Traffic Signs

A collection of pictures taken from English,
French and American funny road signs.


Funny Traffic Signs


Diesel Fried Chicken

Funny traffic sign - Diesel Fried Chicken

I have stopped at the motorway services and had a McDonald's; I have even had a
Burger King.  And when I was in America I often pulled over at Wendy's, but I never did see this franchise: Diesel Fried Chicken.  Do you know if the meat is extra greasy?

The above Diesel Fried Chicken wins my award for the funniest road sign, however if you have a better
example, then send it in and we will publish it.

Update: Fact stranger than fiction

MORGANTOWN, West Va.:  A professor in chemical engineering at West Virginia University has found a way to run a diesel engine on chicken manure. Now you
don't just shovel it into the tank, you have to turn it into a liquid first, then mix it with about two-thirds diesel fuel.

Enterprising Ronald McDonald

One urban myth has it that McDonald's
were carrying out a major market research project.  Rumour has it that Ronald McDonald himself was checking the recipes of rivals, when he discovered the above
Diesel Fried Chicken.  Ever the entrepreneur, this is what he opened around the corner from the Diesel Fried Chicken.

Ronald McDonald - Funeral

Funny Road Signs in the UK

Secret Bunker - Not any more!

I thought we British were good at intelligence!  Perhaps this is all a fiendish plot designed in the secret bunker to confuse the enemy?

Funny Picture of a Nuclear Bunker

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One Way Sign?  No Way!

Should I laugh at all those one way signs - or cry?

Funny one way road signs
Funny Signs

Mixed Signals

Mixed Road Signs

These 'mixed signals' are at Telegraph Road and 9 Mile Road, in the city
of Southfield, Michigan, USA.  Kindly sent in by Diana C.  (Please
send us your funny road sign).

Left --> <-- Right Road

Left Right Sign Uk

Plan B?

Show me the way to go home

Show me the way to go home!

Could This Be the End of the Line?

Wrong way - Funny Road Sign

Wrong Way!

Update: Brittany points out this an Australian sign, which
is common in Brisbane.  Furthermore, it has a real purpose, to stop
people going the wrong way on slip-roads.  - The power of local knowledge.

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Beware Moose Crossing - Surely One of the Funniest
Traffic Signs

Daft Traffic SignsNo Winter Maintance (Maintenance)

Funny sign - Warning cannot read

We wonder how much it costs taxpayers to replace funny signs like these
all over the world?  Incidentally, if you see any misspellings on your
travels then please send them in, and we will publish on this page with a
credit to you.

Batman Territory - Another
Funny Traffic Sign

Note that the arrow indicates that the Bat Cave appears to be high up.  Perhaps there is a cliff near Exit 18a?

Bat Cave

Incidentally, near Nottingham there is a place called Gotham.  I once had a temporary job there and started cracking Batman and Robin jokes, the locals looked at me as thought I was mad, they pronounced it
Goat Ham and could not see the Batman connection at all.

Stupid Boss?  Stupid Sign?  Worker

Change stupid sign

Follow-up  That worker's next job was here:

Quit Stealing our letters

Just when you thought you had seen every funny traffic sign

Beware of road surprises
Beware of road surprises

Funny Road Sign Collection from France

I expect that most Americans believe that they invented road signs.  We
British assume that it was us who invented the first traffic sign; however,
research reveals that the first road sign was erected on a bad bend just outside
Cannes by the Touring Club de France  in 1894.Funny road sign cigar

Ever since then France has been putting up funny road signs.  The most
notorious are the 'Toutes Directions' (all directions).  For total
confusion these signs are often placed next to another sign offering Autre
Directions (other directions).

Brussels is home of the European Parliament and in true paralysis by regulation,
they have not only have 'Toutes Directions' signs, but also a second sign
translated into Dutch.

The latest French offering looks like a man trying to extinguish a monster
cigar.  Officially, this funny looking sign means - 'You can launch your
canoe here'.

This is what the French think of the new signs:
'Too much information kills the information,' Jean-Pierre Lemonnier,
secretary-general of the National Driving Instructors' Union

'Some are so obscure, they evoke nothing.'  Marina Duhamel, an artist who
has written a history of road signs.

Please send us your funny traffic signs.

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