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Will and Guy enjoy variety,
hence we have a varied selection of tandems, three-wheelers, trikes, unicycles and funny
wooden bikes.Wooden Tandem


Tandem Pictures


Funny Tandem Pictures - The Perfect Bicycle Made
for Two

Learn to ride a bicycle.  You will not regret it, if you live.
Mark Twain

Devil Cycle

Is the above the cycle of the devil, or just the devil to pedal?

Tandem or Trick Cyclist?

Trick cyclist

Tandem Heading in the Wrong Direction?

A man who was riding a tandem was stopped by a police. 'What's the matter officer?', asked the

'Perhaps you didn't notice sir, but your wife fell off your tandem a mile
back . . .'

'Good grief', said the rider - 'I thought I'd gone deaf!'

Tandem Heading in the Right DirectionTandem - Heading in the right direction

A bicycle made for two Paul and Liz have just climbed Scafell Pike in the
English Lake District, by road, on their tandem. 'Ooooooaaargh,' wheezed Paul,
'that was a tough ride.  The climb was so very hard and we were going so slowly
that I thought we were never going to make it to the top.' 'Yep,' agreed Liz
breathing heavily, 'a good thing I kept the brakes on, or we'd have slid all the
way back down the hill.'

Tandem or Bi-Cycle?


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Tandems and Bikes, We Have Funny Trike Pictures

A Trike to Beat Your Own DrumWooden Tandem

Wooden Tandem

Another Trike to Transport the
Rest of the Band

Bike house

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Tally-ho on This Funny Trike!

Funny Trikes
Funny Centipede bike


Wooden Tandem

A Very Brief
History of Bone-shakers to MotorbikesBone Shaker

Wooden Bone-shaker

Wooden Bicycle

Wooden Bikes

Wooden Bike

From the
Ridiculous to the Sublime - Ferrari Bike

Ferrari Bike

Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik uses the engine from a Ferrari Enzo
and some drive-by-wire technology from an F-16 fighter jet to create a V4
superbike worthy of the great Italian marque.

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