Funny Warning Signs

Funny pictures and signs give us a laugh, but we wonder how much they cost their owners in lost business, or for paying for replacement calligraphy?

Caution - No Brainer?

Funny Warning Sign - Caution this machine has no brain Often it's the ludicrousness of these notices that makes them so funny.

Try Dialling 999 on This Phone (or 911 in USA)

Will and Guy's Picture humor - Numberless phone

Help Push Red Button - Or Yell!

Funny Sign - Help press red button, or Yell!

Signspotting: Explosion!

Advice to Avoid Unexpected or Possible IN  JURY.Funny In Jury

funny explosion sign 'Explosion' Photographed in Gosport, Hampshire, England

The above funny warning sign  sent by Bob Harvey The attached warning label is from a box of ammunition made in China for the U.S. market.

More Funny Warning Signs

Some signs are just plain stupid, while others are merely full of their own importance.  These next two warning signs have an animal theme. Funny warning sign - Please be safe
Please be safe.  Do not stand, sit, climb or lean on zoo fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you.

Warning! Alligators Can be Dangerous!

Alligators can be dangerous .... as if you needed telling!

Funny Warning Signs

On a plumber's truck:Funny Warning Signs 'We repair what your husband fixed.' On another plumber's truck: 'Don't sleep with a drip. Call your plumber.' On Devendra Singh's plumber's truck You have tried the cowboys - now try the Indians. In a restaurant window: 'Don't stand there and be hungry, Come on in and get fed up.' See more funny warning signs.

Do Not Light with a Match!

Do not light with a match! Electric light.  Do not attempt to light with match. Simply press the switch on the wall by the door.   However, don't take the fire exit, see below:

Problem with Fire Exit

Funny notices Not so much a funny warning sign, more a fishy exit strategy. See more funny warning signs.

Funny Warning Sign - Unnecessary NoticeDo not read this sign

Notice thank you for noticing this new notice

Don't Park Here - Or Else25 MPH warning sign

Do not Park Here - Or Else
  • The Wrath of the ancients will fall upon your head
  • Rabid squirrels will invade your home
  • Your vehicle will start making that expensive knocking sound again
  • Caution advised!
  • See more funny signs.

Waiting will be prosecuted

Funny Chinese Signs I suppose we can forgive this stupid notice on the ground that it's an Engrish problem

Funny Warning Sign Story

On a warm and mild New Year's Eve, Martha's Vineyard revelers were generally well-behaved. Police across the Island reported the night was quiet and three arrests made Friday night were for operating under the influence (OUI). Steamship Authority (SSA) employees did fish a man out of the water on New Year's Eve; it happened this way: Wayne Lamson, SSA general manager, said the Martha's Vineyard arrived at the Vineyard Haven terminal at 8:15 pm and docked in the north slip. As a result, passengers debarked on the south side of the vessel. Michael Grekwizc of Warwick, R.I. decided to exit the ferry wearing rollerblades. "He came down the ramp and then did a 360 [degree] turn and lost his balance and went over the netting that was across the opening on the elevated platform," Mr. Lamson said. "So he ended up in slip one." Mr. Lamson said the crew reacted quickly and threw two life rings and a life vest to Mr. Grekwizc. Another employee lowered the transfer bridge as low as possible, allowing the man to climb up on it and out of the frigid water. The resulting commotion led to a delay in loading the boat for her departure. Mr. Lamson said there was about a 20-minute delay in departure. Mr. Lamson said he was thankful no employees and the man were not injured. He said any accident involving the water is a serious matter particularly in the winter. Asked if he contemplated any changes in policy, Mr. Lamson said there are not enough signs and rules to enforce common sense. Footnote: Fred Roven kindly sent the above story, please send us your funny warning signs.

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