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No Parking Yourself

We have a collection of funny
signs.  The pictures are taken of placards and hoardings on streets, lanes, buildings and shops.


Absolutely No Bottom WashingDry Paint - Funny Silly Picture

No Bottom Washing

Where did this notice really come from?  A laundrette?  A street in
The truth: This sign was seen at a boat launching ramp in Hingham, Massachusetts,

Dogs - Please Shut The GateFunny Picture Dog Sign

Funny Picture Dogs

 Guide Dogs

The above funny dog signs remind me of a malapropism I heard when teaching.  The head-of-year had a brand new charity project.  In assembly he proudly announced:
'We are going to have a collection for blind dogs for the

Midwifery - Deliveries at Rear of Building

Midwifery - Deliveries in the rear

Comical Parking Sign

Church Salvation

Amusing Pictures of Signs

No Visibility?Toilet for Ambulant Unisex

Invisibility - Silly Sign

This sign: 'Be Aware of Invisibility' has Will and Guy stumped.

Do Not Strip Naked and Use Chainsaw to Cut Off Head

Funny Sign Chainsaw

More Funny Sign PicturesFunny No Parking Signs

Caution - No Brainer?

Funny Warning Sign - Caution this machine has no brain

Often it's the ludicrousness of these notices that makes them so funny.

Don't Let Worries Kill YouDon't Drink and Drive - Funny Picture

Church Salvation

Pictures of Funny Signs Outside the Pharmacy

Funny Pharmacy Sign
Funny Pharmacy Drive Thru Sign

See more funny pharmacy pictures.

Kid's With Gas Eat Free!

Kids with gas eat free

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