Funny Seagull Pictures



Bird Gender

Can you determine which of these birds is the female and which is the male?  Just by looking at the picture below, I cannot distinguish the genders.  So let us do some research.

Funny Seagull Picture

Sometimes you get clues, for example, the male peacock has a wonderful
display of plumage.


With other birds,
blackbirds show gender differences in the colour of the beak, here we see that the male blackbird has a yellow beak.

bird gender - blackbird male has a yellow beak

Here is another picture of those Seagulls

Now, the $64,000 question
which of this pair below is the female?

Funny pictures of seagulls - female is nagging the male

Can you tell?

More Seagull Gossip

Seagull Gossip

A Male Seagull Could Learn
From This!

Shut your mouth!

Incidentally, we are not sure if these are sparrow or members of the 'Tit'
family.  Please let us know if you have a positive identification.

Funny Seagull PictureSeagull Gossip

Funny Seagull Pictures

These funny seagull pictures look like an out-take from a 'Write a
caption' competition.

Seagull Twitcher at Work

Seagull Twitcher

Here we have a photo of our friend, Percy, who is a twitcher [bird

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American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

These photographs of an American Bald Eagle family were apparently taken near Comox, British Columbia,
Canada. The photographer remains unknown to us, but the photographs enable us to view something rarely seen by humans.

American Bald Eagles
American Bald Eagle Chicks

Great shot of the American Bald Eagle chicks.

Please send us your funny seagull pictures

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