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Here is Will and Guy's contribution to promoting health and safety in the workplace.  Observe these dangers, and learn to avoid them! Funny Safety Signs

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Ten Fabulous, Amusing, Car Safety Facts Funny Picture Bike Safety

  1. In 1771 the first accident involving a motor vehicle took place in Paris when Cugnot, the French inventor's steam tractor hit a low wall in the grounds of the Paris arsenal.
  2. Police women were used for traffic control duties for the first time in Paris in 1964. Delhi, India, introduced women traffic police in 1989.
  3. The world's first car number plates were issued by the French police in 1893.
  4. In 1895 John Henry Knight was convicted and fined for using a motor-tricycle on the highway. He was probably the first motorist to appear in court.
  5. In 1902 Tar was first used on a Macadam surface to prevent dust in Monte Carlo. It was the idea of Dr. Guglielminetti, a Swiss gentleman. At first the tar was brushed in cold, but soon it was applied hot.
  6. The Motor Car Act of Britain came into force on 1st January 1904. It required that all cars be registered and carry a number plate, and all motorists to have a driving licence. But there was no driving test to pass and the licence was obtained by filling up a form and paying the fee at a post office. The act made dangerous driving an indictable offence.
  7. The World's first traffic lights were installed in Detroit, USA in 1919. The first traffic lights in Britain were installed in Wolverhampton during 1928. However, they were not installed in London until 1932.
  8. The pedestrian crossing was instituted in Britain in 1934. The roads were marked by dotted lines. On the pavement there were striped Belisha beacon light poles named after Britain's Minister of Transport L. Hore-Belisha. The Zebra crossing with black and white stripes was developed after the Second World War.
  9. Box junctions, marked with yellow cross-hatching, were introduced in London during 1964. The aim was to prevent traffic blocking junctions when it could not proceed and this was successful.
  10. The first recorded motor-car accident in Britain, resulting in the death of the driver, occurred in Grove Hill, Harrow-on-the Hill, London, England on 25th February 1899.

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Top Ten Amusing Electrical 'Shorts'Funny Electric Pictures

  1. What is the definition of a shock absorber? A careless electrician.
  2. Do you know how an electrician tells if he's working with AC or DC power?  If it's AC, his teeth chatter when he grabs the conductors.  If it's DC, they just clamp together.
  3. What did the light bulb say to the generator? I really get a charge out of you.
  4. What Thomas Edison's mother might have said to her son: Of course I'm proud that you invented the electric light bulb. Now turn it off and get to bed.
  5. Sign on the side of the electrician's van:  Let Us Get Rid of Your Shorts.
  6. Two atoms were walking down the street one day, when one of them exclaimed, 'Oh no - I've lost an electron!' 'Are you sure?' the other one asked. 'Yes,' replied the first one, 'I'm positive.'
  7. Why are electricians always up to date? Because they are "current" specialists.
  8. How do you pick out a dead battery from a pile of good ones? It's got no spark.
  9. What would you call a power failure?  A current event.
  10. Did you hear about the silly gardener? He planted a light bulb and thought he would get a power plant.
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