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Funn Safety Manual Cartoon

Unless you saw these funny safety pictures, you would not believe what people do at work.  Even with the pictures, you may think some were faked, but Will and Guy cannot see the joins!


The Human Digger

Funny safety at work picture

Photo: Parivartan Sharma

Here we see labourers hold their colleague, an electrician, while he
works on underground cables in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

The Cyclist Hod-carrier

Funny cyclist hod carrier

More Accidents Waiting to Happen

Safety - Leaning by feet
Swimming Pool Safety

Shocking Safety RecordFunny Ladder Picture

Nasty Shock

More Amusing Pictures of Safety at Work

Can't reach?  Send for a fork-lift truck, or 3...

Safety at work - Fork lift truck

Then, the box fell off the back .....

Delivery Boy

Finally, it was crushed.

Funny do not crush

Safety Film - Report

A company trying to continue its five-year perfect safety record showed its workers a film aimed at encouraging the
use of safety goggles on the job.  According to the Health and Safety Council News, the film's
depiction of gory industrial accidents was so graphic that twenty-five workers suffered minor injuries in
their rush to leave the screening room.  Thirteen others fainted, and one man required seven stitches after he cut his head falling off a chair while watching the film.

Will and Guy's Take on Safety
At WorkFunny Safety Officer

Interestingly, Will and Guy have been researching Health and Safety in
relation to business and work places. We are aware that intrinsically it is
not a very interesting topic therefore it becomes essential, we think, to
mix the serious message with humour.

The fact that in the UK over a *million workers get injured every year
and 25,000 people are forced to give up work because of injury or illness
caused by work shows that employers are very much taking risks with their
workers' health. Most of these injuries could have been avoided if employers
had implemented proper safety procedures, but research has shown that around
half of employers have not even done a simple risk assessment which is, in
fact, a legal requirement.

*TUC [Trades Union congress]figures 2009

We are aware that our site pages are towards the top of peoples' choices
to view. Why not, therefore, use our findings, stories, pictures, posters
and articles in your induction courses and indeed in your Health and Safety
programmes. Research indicates that the following three ideas are proven to
be successful in communicating to a workforce about Health and Safety.

We have found that people remember 50% more in what they see than in what
they hear.

Visuals get people's attention. Advertising people know about this. The
many images on billboards, magazines, newspapers or even on the
internet are
testimonies that visuals do attract people and advertising using visuals are
so effective.

Humour In Posters Brings Good Feelings To a Workplace

This makes ideas more memorable and able to be understood. This has a lot
to do with the working of the mind. Pleasant thoughts generate more
receptive learning. Have you ever tried studying for an exam when you have
ugly thoughts disturbing your mind?
Humour effectively drives a point

Therefore it becomes easier to understand when done correctly. Accidents
situations cannot be photographed. Only stuntmen are crazy enough to do
things that can result in accidents. Cartoons can be effectively used to
illustrate dangerous situations which might be impossible to capture on film
in real life.

The BBC Safety ArchiveWait until the bus stops

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has discovered loads of
1950's 60's and a few 1970s health and safety posters.

Janice Cave, describes the posters found and talks about what they tell
us about changing attitudes to safety, and about wider social change in

'Wait until the Bus Stops' caught Guy's eye, simply because none of the
boys on our bus obeyed this sign, we all took delight in leaping off the
platform before the bus stopped.  Looking closely at the picture is the
girl holding the boy back, or about to throw him off the bus?

Safety aside, it's my belief that buses have gone down hill since
they kicked the ticket collectors into touch.

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