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(Old Podgy) and His Hens (Pullets)

Chicken Joke

Old Podgy - Prize Rooster

Thomas was a chicken farmer; his farm was dedicated to the fertilized egg
business.  In his farmyard, Thomas had 450 young hens to lay the eggs.
Incidentally, at this stage the female hens are called 'pullets'.  Now to
fertilise the eggs, which the pullets laid, Thomas had 12 male birds called

The farmer kept careful records, and any rooster that didn't perform went
straight into
the cooking pot and a replacement introduced.  Thomas found this task time
consuming, so he bought a dozen tiny bells and attached one to each of his roosters.
Cunningly, each bell had a different ring tone so Thomas could tell from from
the comfort of his porch, which rooster was performing.

So now Thomas could sit on his rocking chair and tick the boxes on his
efficiency report simply by listening to the bells. The farmer's favourite
rooster was Old Podgy, a very fine specimen he was, too. But on this particular
morning Thomas noticed Old Podgy's bell hadn't rung at all!  Thomas went to investigate.

The other roosters were chasing pullets, their bells-a-ringing.  The pullets, hearing
the roosters coming, would run for cover.  But to Farmer Thomas's amazement,
Old Podgy had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet,
do his job and walk on to the next one.

Thomas was so proud of Old Podgy, he entered him in the Worcester County Fair
and he became an overnight sensation among the judges. The result... The judges
not only awarded Old Podgy the No Bell Piece Prize, but also they awarded him the Pulletsurprise!

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Chicken Lifestyle

Chicken kaput

Swan Blocks Road

A swan caused traffic chaos when it decided to sit in the middle of a busy road. The bird refused to move for drivers in Coventry, UK, reports the Daily Mirror.

Police who attempted to move the bird
were chased away with an angry peck. An onlooker said, 'It was hilarious. It refused to budge.'

The bird finally flew off after a few hours.

More Chicken Pictures and Stories

It's relatively rare for different species to co-exist happily.
When the do, you get some great stories and great pictures.  Here are
our collection of Chickens with other species.

Snowy the
Cat and Gladys the Chicken Make FriendsCat and Chicken make friends

Gladys was only days old when her bantam hen mother was attacked and
killed along with her 11of her 14 siblings by a fox attack. The other two
did not survive the trauma. So, Gladys, as the chick is named was brought
into the farmhouse, in a box, so that she could recover and build up her
strength. It was then that she was befriended by 10 year old Snowy the cat.

Will and Guy have discovered that Snowy decided that she would look after
Gladys.  We found that Snowy, 'Cleaned her and washed her. Gladys is
now about two-and-a-half months old and is our pet. She still comes into the
house to play. She comes in and bounces up and down in front of Snowy and he
just stands there and takes it and puts his arm around her. They are the
best of friends, very much so, and when she first started going out she
would not go unless they went together,' reported Jane Etheridge, a pony
breeder from Middleton, Suffolk, England. Her husband Albert added, 'They
are a strange couple but we love them both very much.'

Dog and Chick

Chinese Chicken Cheats CookerChinese Chicken Cheats Cooker

Gan Shugen took a chicken out of the freezer after two days and was shocked
to find it was still alive. Gan Shugen, of Chengdu city, China, says the hen was
a gift from a relative, reports Chengdu Evening News. It was wrapped in a thick
plastic bag with its legs bound so, assuming it was dead, Gan put it straight in
the freezer.

Two days later, when he opened the freezer, he was amazed by what he saw. 'I
heard weak sounds, and when I opened the bag, a red head popped out,' he said.
'It was still warm, and when I removed the tape, she could stand.'

Li Fazhi, of the Chinese Association of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, said
he was mystified and added, 'If the hen was locked in a fridge, that's still
amazing; but if she survived in a freezer for two days, that's magic,' he said.
Gan has said that he will not eat the chicken but look after it in his home.

How do you stop a rooster crowing on a Sunday?
Eat it on a Saturday.

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the Rooster.

Chicken and Two Veg

Chicken menu joke

Funny Hen Produces Odd Egg

Strange Double EggA hen in China has produced a soft-shelled egg in the shape of a figure
eight. Will and Guy have obtained a photograph of this strange phenomena:

Mrs Dong, of Shijiazhuang, northern China's Hebei province, first
suspected something unusual when she heard the hen making unusual noises one
night. 'I had never heard anything like it before. When I approached she
stopped making the noise but as soon as I left she started again,' she said.
'The next morning, I was so surprised to find the weird-shaped egg in the
hen's cage.'

Mrs Dong has decided not to sell or eat the egg but is keeping it,
preserved in a box, because it is so unusual.

Professor Wu Yuefeng of Hebei University's Life Science department,
commented to Will and Guy, 'It's very rare to see such a weird-shaped egg.
This will be the result of a lack of calcium in the hen's diet which has
prevented it from creating a hard shell.'

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roosters or hens.

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