Pictures of Funny Road Signs – Emergency Phone 174 KM Sign

Here is our collection of funny road-side phone signs.  Also other strange, silly and amusing road signs.

Funny Road Signs - Emergency Phone 174 KM

Funny road sign - Phone That Emergency phone is a long way even if you translate the distance into English miles.  Lesson: Always take your own Mobile or Cell Phone. See more of Will and Guy's funny road signs

Take no Chances - Bring Your Own Phone

Alan Turnham kindly sent in these amusing photos.  If you find any funny road signs in your location, then please send us your amusing or thought provoking pictures. Bring your own phone Our question is: 'Who is that in the phone box?'  You can just about make out a head. If the Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me Jimmy Buffett

Strange Road Sign:  Push Button For.....?

funny road signs This is a truly perplexing road sign: 'Push Button For'.  What would you get if I pressed that blue button? (Picture Right)

Road Advisory Sign

Funny Advisory Road Sign Is help is at hand.  Will the Road Advisory sign will tell us what all these funny road signs mean?  We seriously doubt it.Lost in translation - I am out of the office at the momemt

A Funny Road Sign Message Lost in Translation

English No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only.
Welsh Translation I am out of the office at the moment
How it Got Lost in Translation The council staff in Swansea, Wales, UK wanted a translation, so they emailed their translator.  However, he was not available, so an automatic response was triggered which read in Welsh: I am out of the office at the moment Unfortunately the council staff were not Welsh speaking themselves, and believed that the automated response was the actual translation they were seeking.  There would be no story if they had the message checked, but they didn't and another funny road sign resulted. The error was detected by Golwg, a famous Welsh-language magazine. Dylan Iorwerth, the managing editor, said: 'We have been running pictures of this kind over the past few months.  'It's good that people want to have bilingual signs but, unfortunately, they don't make sure someone with a real knowledge of Welsh checks the work through all the different stages.'

What's Going on Here?  Where is the Highway?

Overloaded truck picture Alan Turnham kindly provided the picture - I leave you to think of a caption.

Lane Closed - Thanks a bunch!

Lane closed to ease congestion

Stupid Traffic Signs - Conditions of entry

Stupid signs What a strange sign - It's a good job we did not want to go there!  Shades of Groucho Marx saying, 'I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member'.Funny road sign - Phone

Road Signs Cause More Confusion

Road Sign Confusion Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything. Charles Kuralt See more funny road signs

And Then You Come to Traffic Lights

Norht Traffic SignRoad Sign Confusion - traffic lights See more pictures of funny cars

Warning - Artillery Firing Over Public Roads

One of the weirdest road signs that we have seen.

No Discharge of a Firearm

No Firearms Sign This road-side warning makes sense, but it's worrying.

Talent - What we could do more of:

Talent only half a mile Worth a detour?  What Will and Guy like about this funny sign is that each person can imagine what they are going to get when they arrive at 'Talent'. Footnote: Please send us your funny road signs.

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