Funny Polar Bear on Ice

A good job that polar bears cannot read, else we would have been denied this wonderful ice skating photo.

Funny Picture Polar Bear Picture

The above funny polar bear picture brings back childhood memories of making ice slides by constantly running and
sliding, after about ten minutes we got the surface like glass.  I can hear my mother’s
voice saying be careful.  If I were to repeat the exercise today, I would be exceedingly careful, however as a
child, I felt indestructible.

As George Bernard Shaw said: ‘Ah the pity, youth is wasted on the young’

Another Member of the Bear Family – Giant Pandas having a slide

Panda slide

What Those Pandas
Need: More Snow

Just In Case You Missed the Polar Bear:

Here is another funny picture of him sliding.

Funny picture of a Polar bear sliding
Polar Bear Cubs

Polar Bear Dance

Polar Bear Dance

Two Polar Bears Have a Chin-wag

Polar Bears Chin-wag

As polar bears are only found in the arctic, a wild guess: the above picture,
with the sun in the center, was taken in autumn.

Funny Polar Bear
Picture – Kiss and Make-upFunny Picture - Polar Bear Christmas Tree

Funny Picture - Polar Bears Kiss

Polar Bear Peek-a-Boo

Polar bear hands over eyes

Polar Bear in Fancy Dress

Polar bear elephant

Polar bear photographed going to a Christmas fancy dress party as an elephant

See how the polar bear gets on with they huskies.

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A Home for Polar Bears?

Ice home for polar bears?

Pictures of Snow Balls? or Ice Balls

Ice balls

Where Did These Snowballs or Ice-balls Come From?

We know a farmer who grows snowballs just outside Tinseltown, Vancouver, Canada.
They are a difficult crop to grow and amazingly, the snow balls are ready for harvesting every year on April the first.  The farmer is working on a variety of snow balls that he can grow in December so that they are
ready for Christmas, unfortunately he cannot get the fairies to plant them at the right time, would you believe they are complaining that Christmas time is too cold to work.

Snow Balls - Ice balls

Please send us your polar bear Christmas

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